Lisa Price

1. Can't Hold On Forever
2. Heartache
3. Everywhere I Go
4. No One's Business
5. Empty Heart
6. Runaway

Lisa Price - Vocals
Bernie LaBarge - Guitars
Derry Grehan - Guitars
John Albani - Guitars
Ron Garant - Bass
Gerald O'Brien - Keyboards
Grant Slater - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums



Produced by Paul Gross

Released 2013-05-31
Reviewed 2013-08-06


This one and only release by Lisa Price could have been priceless had she all of a sudden reach gigantic fame, now it is only a title of an album that is being remastered by Yesterrock and their friends. It was originally released in the early eighties and is a mini album playing for little over 20 minutes. It is an album featuring some of the time’s strong musical names backing Lisa, and as I alluded to this vinyl-only album is finally being released in the CD-format with a booklet containing the lyrics and of course remastered to sound as timeless as the album itself.

But is it really timeless? I would say that some albums are, this one isn’t as it has a slightly dated sound to it but it may be priceless due to unavailability (although that was just destroyed by having it rereleased of course). It is well produced and the performances are very strong but it still sounds as it came out in the early eighties (which it did). Nothing wrong with that unless of course you compare with the best of the contemporary bands out there. I am not saying that these contemporary bands are better but they do sound better at first glance. I think Lisa is a fairly good singer, at the same time she is a rather typical female AOR singer. But she does suit the songs well and the six tracks also show the expected AOR variation with some speedier songs, some ballad and some midtempo. Not the most original piece of music one has to admit.

I assume that if you like AOR or melodic rock music that you’ll like this little piece as well. There are several things that points towards this, and the album shows a lot of musical qualities. It is a strong piece of music, you could argue that it is a bit short at 23 minutes and I think that is a bit correct. Still, as much as I like this album I cannot ignore that it sounds dated and that I have heard better albums in the female fronted AOR department. It would be simple to just praise this little album because it is a good show, I like it quite a bit. For fans of AOR and melodic rock it will probably be a treat, but after a few more plays I can say that it is a good listen but it isn’t quite as memorable as I want the best albums to be. So a solid effort that I think is worth rereleasing but nothing that will make a huge impression in the AOR genre. And now that it is made on CD is not priceless anymore either, you can now pick it up at an affordable price.




Label: Yesterrock/Germusica
Three similar bands: Heart/Pat Benatar/Alyson Avenue
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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