Led Astray
Decades of Addiction

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Deadlock/Dying Humanity/Absidia
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Intro
02. Darkest Season
03. Demon
04. Wounds
05. Rise of an angel
06. Reaper of Fate
07. Traitors of humanity
08. Black Blood
09. Story of a modern gladiator
10. Ausverkauf
11. Decayed privacy

Gabrieg Kriedel – Guitars
Manuel Lehmann – Guitars
Martin Boxhammer – Vocals
Maximilian Panzer – Drums
Felix Enderlein – Vocals
Nico Jacob – Bass

One Million Bullets (2008)

Marcus Dietzsch
Daniel Dittelbach

Recorded and mixed by Elbrausch Studios Dresden
Mastered by Sebastian Reichl

Released 2012-12-08
Reviewed 2013-06-08


After decades of addiction I am quite sure you might be a bit led astray, like the name seems to indicate that this German sextet are. Someone seemed to have them led astray on the cover art which is one of the dreariest one I have ever seen, why was it allowed to sit as the picture of this album? is it really that bad? I don’t think it is but more on that later. This is their second album following their 2008 effort One Million Bullets, the worrying signs are growing as that debut album has a bad name so it seems that poor things are finding this band. Although, things might look ordinary on the surface but they might of course not be when looking what is beneath that surface. So what do we have here?

Grindcore, death metal I think are the names of the game of these guys. It is well produced, it sounds really good on the sound level. It is also fairly varied as well, not something you often see in this kind of thing. All that is well and good, and the album only plays for 38 minutes as well. But the singer is a dreadfully ordinary death metal singer, he sounds like anything else which is something of a negative for these guys. But variation and short playing time can of course save such an issue, it doesn’t have to be that bad. But it is.

This album is just completely anonymous, it never take off and it does not offer me anything that grabs me. Well, that is not entirely true as the intro zapping through TV or radio channels mainly in German is pretty cool but that isn’t really a song. And there is also the ending track, that is a quite good track and a worthy ending. But the rest of the album is unfortunately quite dull and it is just too anonymous to ever grab me. I doubt anyone can be that taken by this album, it is just too anonymous to stand out at any level.

I have to wonder which the targeted audience is, I can see it for most but in this genre there are much better stuff and more importantly many bands that are a lot less anonymous even if I think they are a lot worse qualitywise. Unfortunately for these guys they are too much of a middle of the road band, I can take bad and I can take good I like things that aren’t anonymous and this is just that, anonymous. Much like this review, just somewhere uninspired and dreary. What to say about this band then? Anonymous is what they are, and maybe a bit cowardly as this sounds just like anything else in the genre and far from the best. My conclusion: this is not for me.


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