Kosmo B*tch
Red Balloon

2.Spotless Mind





Released 2013-10-04
Reviewed 2013-12-10


A b*tch from Kosmo, or something like that is what we have here. Red Balloon is most likely the debut EP of this band which was formed in 2012. As with so many other albums from 7Hard it is a bit difficult to find information about the band, all info is in german and all reviews written of the EP is from german speaking media making it a bit difficult for all of us a bit limited in this fine language. I could not even find any names of the band members by doing a web search and such regular research things. The cover art is also a tad strange and to my mind it isn’t that impressive, on the other hand I have learnt a long time ago that you should never judge a book by its cover. So now that I have taken my time with it, what can I then say about this EP?

It is a female fronted modern metal creation with four songs showing a decent range of variation, it actually remind me of an italian band I reviewed a while back, Absynth Aura. It is a bit heavier and less melodic than what Absynth Aura did but with a tad more modern pop influences than said italians. Well produced, well performed and well put together. I think these guys sounds quite mature for a debuting band and will probably be even more so when they release their debut album that is said to be in the works. I think that we can call this album a quality production, a sixteen minute long such production.

Sometimes well produced and put together things can still be very daft and very dreary but not so with these guys, they sound fresh and interesting. I enjoy this fascinating little production, it bears all the marks of a good quality EP. Sure, you could argue that it is a bit on the short side but at the same time it is just about the right length to be played twice in a row without getting tired of it. I would argue that this EP has no weak points other than perhaps a short playing time but that as I said can be changed by playing it twice in a row, it is varied enough for that and no tracks can be said to be weak or unexciting.

I think it starts a bit slow with a song that sort of builds to something that then never comes, at least not in that track. It then picks up in the second track that is probably the best track on the album, Spotless Mind it is called and it is a song with a very strong chorus and a catchy appearance. If the second track is the best one then the third track fingerprints is the second best, it has the best vocals on the album and is a great song. It ends a bit like it starts, not bad but after two top tracks it leaves off a bit lower than the absolute best but then again as a whole the EP works quite brilliantly. Sure, it is a bit short and it leaves you wanting a bit more but I can still recommend it to make the waiting for the debut album a bit easier.

Impressive little EP, enjoyable to listen to, modern and fresh. It is definitely a band to take a closer look at and probably one that we will hear some really good stuff from in the future.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Absynth Aura/Evanescense/Black Daffodils
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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