Urban Warfare

1. A Call to Arms
2. Unamused
3. Urban Warfare
4. Bigger Man
5. Alive in Me
6. Save Me
7. Built to Survive
8. Sick is the New Sane
9. Stomp You Out
10. Blow It All Away
11. Disdain
12. We’re All Suspect
13. Eraser
14. Something About You

Daren "Klank" Diolosa - Vox, Gtrs
Pat Servedio -Gtrs, Keys, Programming
Eric Wilkins- Drums

Still Suffering (1995)
Downside (EP 1997)
Numb (1999)
In Memory Of​.​.​. (EP 2007)
NUMB​.​.​.​Reborn (2010)

Dug Pinnick - vocals

All songs written by Daren "Klank" Diolosa, Pat Servedio, Eric Wilkins, Charlie Parker and Danny Owsley
Recorded, engineered and produced by Pat Servedio at The Kompound in San Jose, CA
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California, USA
CD artwork / design by Anthony Herrera for Faceless Identity

Released 2013-06-13
Reviewed 2013-10-14


Formed in 1995, Klank is one of those bands with a long history but not so many albums behind them and they are also said to be a force of the subgenre, so why have I not heard of them? It might be that they do belong to a subgenre that is a bit off my real forte but I think they have managed three albums before this one, and their latest works has been released on their own label. I have gotten an album called Urban Warfare, I got it this summer and I finally managed to get around to it. It is getting a bit difficult with all the albums that just seem to litter my mailbox at the moment. Anyway, these guys can consider themselves chosen as I cannot even review half of what I get anymore. So what about these guys then. Not much was included in the press package, a short bio without discography in a text file that said nothing to me really.

I have managed to find out that they are an industrial metal band, they do like sociopolitical lyrics and they seemed to be fairly liked for this album in reviews I found when doing a bit of research. Industrial metal with a nice groove to it, that is what it is. Quite catchy in a sense but very rough and machinelike in another sense. It sort of brings the mind to that industrial locale where the machines just churns out something in large numbers, unrelenting going about its business inside windows blackened by industrial grease and dust. Just with enough melodic touch to keep it viable for the broader group of musical fans. I would call this album quite well produced, it has energy and emotion as well as depth and variation. Fourteen tracks and fifty two minutes of music, that is just about enough for it to be interesting all the way through. A quality production plain and simple.

The album is good, very good. I think all tracks are up to a very good standard, some are greater than others but they are all very listenable. Good energy and enjoyable music. At the same time it grabs me as quite thought provoking, kind of like a dim view of the world and society we live in today. A society where respect for one another is exchanged by greed and for some by the pointless pursuit of fame, and of course the government promoted fear of terrorism. I have no idea if this is a correct assumption as I have not bothered to read the lyrics that was included in the press pack but it is what it feels like to me when I listen. Kind of like warfare in the gutters, urban warfare in its musical form perhaps. Did I mention that it is a very good album?

Best is probably Blow it All Away and We’re all Suspect but then again, all the tracks are very good so naming a few would be kind of pointless as I would have to name them all, more or less. No track is poor. So with that I think we can conclude that this excellent review has pointed out that this album comes well recommended, especially for you who like your music a touch industrial. I tip my hat to you Klank, this is a good album be sure to check it out.



Label: SmokeDogg Productions
Three similar bands: Prong//KMFDM/Machine Head
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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