Truth Button

1. Behind The Wall
2. Abintra
3. Book Of Faces
4. The End Of Evolution
5. Dives And Pauper
6. Coming To Terms With Mortality in the face of Insurmountable Odds

John Bassett - Bass, vocals
David Georgiou - Keyboard
Lee Sulsh - Guitar
Bernie Smirnoff - drums

Son of a Nun (2003)
Crowning Glory (2004)
Fantastic Freak Show Carnival (2005
Blue Sea, Black Heart (2008)
Gravity Field (2009)



Released 2013-01-21
Reviewed 2013-01-07



KingBathmat is a bit of a strange name for a rock band, at least in my opinion but that is what this british band is calling themselves. Truth Button is their sixth studio album and it is one about technophobia and social disconnection thanks to the ever growing trivial use of modern technology. The button is some sort of metaphorical button to bring out the truth and make it more transparent as opposed to it being used to exploit and confuse people. The internet for knowledge rather than spam, could be a theme in that album then. It has a nice cover with a guy in a high hat ready to push the button in order to gain more truth, it all sounds jolly interesting and fun and the reviews quoted are all marvellous as well. In other words, we have an interesting one on our hand here, now lets see what I think.

Musically it is described with namedropping in absurdum stating that the band sounds like a dash of this mixed with a dash of that with Pink Floyd, Spock’s Beard and many more mentioned and while that may not be completely off, isn’t any band a sort of melting pot formed by their influences? But KingBathmat is a lot more than just another band that sounds like this or that, they have a rather unique sound and I think that their music is best described as an adventure through many different phases of the musical world. It is not the easiest think to make heads or tails of it in the beginning, it is an album that requires a bit of time from you as a listener which might not appeal to every person. The production is excellent and as adventurous and exciting as the musical journey. In a way it is progressive rock as it usually is but it takes its way into the psychedelia and a lot in between those two, it is one complex album that is for certain.

All the songs are long with the shortest being just shy of six minutes and the longest a bit clear of ten minutes making the six tracks on the album play for about fifty minutes and in these minutes almost every aspect you can think of is covered. It is made really well and the songs feels thought through and strong, sure there is no real short and catchy hit but somehow I doubt that has a bearing for the band or those listening to this kind of music. It can simply be described as an interesting journey.

Already from the opening tone I am quite hooked on this album and while it almost lingers for a while it gives a strong showing and there isn’t much in terms of the progressive genre’s fillout moments as all of the tracks remain interesting from start of finnish and also remains good all the way through, I would say that there are no parts of the album that feels like we could do without, it is a strong album plain and simple. If you like your music above the brainless mainstream stuff then I can suggest this album as it will definitely make you work for you musical rewards from it. It is a well made and impressive album with no major shortcoming just solid songs.

An album I can recommend for anyone who likes his/her music being more than your everyday radio hit, it is exciting and strong, well made and interesting. It is a really good album plain and simple, one that will keep you interesting but also awaken you interest for the band just in time for Stereohead Records to have you buy all the rereleases of the band’s older albums. That has to be something to look into as this album clearly makes you want to hear more of this interesting band, and soon you will have the chance but until then you have Truth Button.

So, after pressing the Truth Button I can clearly reveal that this is one really good album.



Label: Stereohead Records
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Spock's Beard/It Bites
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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