Kee Marcello
Judas Kiss

01. Zombie
02. Dog Eat Dog
03. Starless Sky
04. I'm Stoned
05. Dead End Highway
06. Judas Kiss
07. And Forever More (duet with Akane Liv)
08. Coming Home
09. Get On Top
10. The Harder They Come
11. Dead Give Away
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart
13. Metal Box

Kee Marcello: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jonny Scaramanga: Guitar
Ken Sandin: Bass
Tim Brown: Drums

Shine On (1995)
Melon Demon Divine (as Kee marcello's K2 2004)
Redux: Europe (2011)

Akane Liv - vocals


Released 2013-04-05
Reviewed 2013-03-16



He thinks he is a rock god forgotten by the real god, or was it a rock star? I have no idea, I am really not interested either as rock star biographies has to be the most boring literature ever invented. But something like The Rock Star God Forgot is the title of his biography which was released some year ago, he also released an album with his own take on Europe songs which was quite awful and slightly embarrassing to listen to. Now he is back with a new album free of such things and with a more interesting feel to it already from the get go. So let us see if it can make him a rock star not forgotten or at least fill up his chest of coins.

Musically it is no surprises, it is hardrock with a slightly bluesy feel to it thanks to Kees vocals I suppose. His singing fits this album quite well unlike the Europe album, it is a well produced album also in difference and it is quite varied as well. Overall there is not too much to say about this, it sounds as you would expect a traditional hardrock album to sound, all but a duet that breaks off quite a lot from what the rest of the album does. It sounds as a quality product seen on the sound side of things, and I can easily say that it kicks the ass of the predecessor which frankly was terrible. The album has thirteen tracks and the playing time of near an hour can feel slightly long but the variation on the album helps lessen that burden a little bit.

I have to say that this is a good album, the songs are strong and the production is great which makes this an album that sounds quite interesting. There are some drawbacks as is often the case with albums and this one is that the vocals does not really lift the songs to a higher level and the album is a bit too long with its near one hour playing time. This makes the last part of the album seem unnecessarily long as there is no standout hit song in that part of the album. To me that is a bit of a shame as I felt as though this album had a lot going for it but it just becomes too long when it overstays its welcome in the stereo. It is a good album nonetheless as none of these niggles really can overshadow this fact and it is one that is quite listenable I would say.

Best on the album is the duet with Akane Liv called And Forever More along with the track called Starless Sky, these are the highlights and the rest of the songs are quite good as well but not in that level. Compared with what he released last year this is a clear improvement for Kee and it is well worth looking into if you are a fan of hardrock the ore traditional way. However, I am not sure this album will make him a less forgotten rock star or fill up his treasure chest but nevertheless it is one worth checking out.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Europe/Easy Action/Kee Marcello's K2
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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