Label: Unique Leader Records/Hammerheart
Three similar bands: Catalepsy
Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
01. Lurking in the Depth
02. Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.)
03. Body Bags for the Gods
04. Cold Flesh Citadel
05. The Pulse of Somnambulist
06. Unearthly Urge to Supremacy
07. Gore Conspiracy
08. Amongst Phantom Worlds
09. Needles of Hypocrisy (interlude)
10. Knifed Humility
11. Taedium Vitae

Anatoly (Bass)
Igor Filimontsev (Vocals)
Dmitry (Guitars)
Anton (Guitars)
Evgeny (Drums)

Barbarity/Katalepsy/Smersh/Posthumous Blasphemer (Split 2004)
Musick Brings Injuries (2007)
Triumph of Evilution (EP 2008)
Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy (Demo 2010)

Denis Akulshin (Guitars on 9)

Recorded at Cosmos Studio & SFC Studio.
Serge Levochkin (Mixing, Mastering, Producer)
Serge Penzensky (Engineering)
Arkady Navaho (Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)
Dmitry Bubonets (Photography)
W. Smerdulak (Cover art)
Phlegeton (Logo)

Released 2013-01-08
Reviewed 2013-02-26

unique leader records

If you didn't think God (or whatever it was that created the universe) had a sense of humour has probably missed the existence of the Russian death metal act Katalepsy. Regular Hallowed readers may remember that Hallowed has reviewed an album by a band with this name a while ago and that it gave Daniel catalepsy but you'd be wrong. Not that Daniel got catalepsy from them but it wasn't this band but an American band spelling catalepsy the way it's spelled - with a C.

So what's so humorous about Katalepsy then? Well, to answer that question I could make it easy for myself and just tell you to glance upwards to your left where the album cover is considering how that say about everything but I'mm not going to make it that simplle for myself but actually in detail explain how commmmical this album actually is.

The firrst thing greeting you as you starrrt 'Autopsychosis' is a wall of bass thundering at you likkkke a thunnderrstorm in the night. As the album gets going for real Igod Filimontsev breaks out in to something that coulldn't be descccribed as anything buttt burping by a man that has spennnnnt the enttttire day eating muddddd. Thisssss wayy Igor continuuuueees throooouuugh thhee ennntire allllbum wittth thee sounnnnd of smalllll children making ittt their goooaaal in liffffe to makke ass much noisssse ass possssssible. They banggg their innstrumennts to the floooor, jummmps themm and ripps whattts possssible to rip with all the brrrrutality they're capable offfff. It reeaaally sounddd terrrrrrible! Andd I cann'nt do annnythinnngg butt laauuuuughh attt itttt.

Ah…. myy paaiiiinn iss gonnnne,,,, buttttt mmmy bodddddy wonnn'nntt do whhhattt Iii wannnt iiiiiii tttttt tt t ttttt oooo…. Ii thhhiink I've gooooooo tt caaaaaa tt aaaaa leppsyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaarrrghhh!

Note: The writer of this review ended up at the emergency with life threatening catalepsy caused by the brain damages he got from listening too long on this album. He say from the hospital bed that he might never be well again but that isn't his highes wish at the moment anyway. He hopes most of all to hear something else than 'Autopsychosis' before he dies because if this album is the last thing he hears it would be much worse than spending the rest of his life - regardles of how long it gets - with a similar handicap to that of Stephen Hawking.



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