Starving Death

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Morbid Angel/Death/Mordax
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. War at the Door
2. Carnivorous Madness
3. Creature
4. Lobotomy
5. The Screeching Sound
6. Bad Awakening
7. Pesticide Shower
8. Starving Death
9. Terror
10. Inbreeding

Fred Tremblay - Guitar, Back vocals
Samuel Parè - Guitar
Pierre-Luc Simard - Vocals
Jeff Tremblay - Drums
Alexis Goulet Bouchard - Bass


Luc Lemay - vocals on track 1 & 6
Dan Swan÷ - add. backing vocals

Recorded at Franky Blastbeat Studio in Quebec City, Canada
Engineered by Frank ‚‘Blastbeat‘‘ C┘t╚ Fortin
Mixed and mastered by Dan Swan÷ at Unisound Studio in Örebro, Sweden

Released 2012-10-26
Reviewed 2013-01-03


From Canada and Quebec hails a band called Kaotik who just recently released their debut album, they are said to have formed in 2007 and did release their self financed EP back in 2009 which was released in a hundred copies. This album is available in a slightly larger number and it has an ugly album cover which would probably scare off most potential buyers and those not scared by the album cover there is always the logo which scares them away. So we are looking at an ugly album with a silly title which was mixed and mastered in a Swedish town that does not exist as the label or the band has mixed up the pricks over the letter O. Anyway, it is Örebro not Orebrö as the press info said but how does it sound then, like something was mixed up? or?

Well it sounds like old school death metal, nothing more nothing less. The production is quite genre typical and the singer sounds a bit like a humpbacked troglodyte with some slime in his disgusting nose. But then again that is how he sounds with slowish growls and all of those other stuff that is typical of the old school death metal genre. For all fans of the genre it will be like meeting an old senile relative, familiar yet annoying but still family so you have to like it somehow. It is a fairly long album as well with over fifty minutes of playing time and not that much in terms of variation is to be found.

I am not impressed by what I have heard from this album, I suppose that you will see it somewhat differently but then again you may not. The songs are not very varied and none of them stand out as anything either impressive or poor, just songs. All in all it is a fairly decent album but nothing to write home about if you say so. But then again, I cannot really answer for those into the old school kind of death metal who might find this more amusing than I did. After all there are some well renowned people having worked on this album which could have been an indicator of something decent.

So, in the end I am not really impressed with this album. It is one that can only appeal to those that are already into this kind of music, the rest of us can safely look in some other direction for our musical kicks. This album simply isn’t my cup of tea.



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