Dark Reveries

1.Dark Reveries (Intro)
2.Taken by the Storm
3.Scepter of the Serpent
4.Spellbound by a Nightmare
5.Dark Lights (Feat. Thomas Winkler)
6.Beastly Hybris
7.Lake Gloom (Feat. Amanda Somerville)
8.The Distant Shore
9.Opus Aeternus (Feat. Melanie Mau)

Jan Hein - Keyboards & Orchestrations
Karsten Simon - Guitar & Clean vocals
Martin Simon - Vocals & Bass
Fabien Chmiel - Drums
Julian Schenke - Guitar & Backing vocals

Shadowpath (2011)

Martin Schnella - backing vocals
Thomas Winkler - vocals
Amanda Somerville - vocals
Melanie Mau - vocals

recorded at Overlodge Recording Studio
produced and mixed by Martin Schnella

Released 2013-10-18
Reviewed 2013-11-19



From the shadowpath to darker reveries comes german epic death metallers Kambrium who are releasing their second album called Dark Revieries. It has a cover art that is about as daft as the debut album, and the band features the same line up but with some skilled guests. And they can also boost about some great reviews, not that it is much to boost about these days with internet reviewers only out to please the record companies sending them albums. I on the other hand only want to write what I think and last time out I thought we had a good album but I thought it was a bit too cautious and the singer was quite bad. So what has changed? Not the singer or the band, not the cover style and not the premise which the band seem to use for setting up an album.

It is still melodic death metal with an epic touch, I read that it was a conceptual thing which I had no idea about when listening, other than perhaps the endlessly long ending track. Modern sound, the singer is as bad as before and the sound as well as production is very good. Stylewise it isn’t much of a revelation, it is more or less the same as any other modern melodic death metal, a bit darker vocals perhaps and it is even more disturbingly just the same as on the debut album Shadowpath. Normal variation for such an album is amongst the song, no song stands out stylistically and the album flows through quite smoothly even though I would have to point out that it is very long with 56 minutes playing time.

Dark Reveries is a decent album, well produced and fairly well performed. The vocals are not the strongest I have ever heard and that goes for both the clean and growled. I thought they had some interesting qualities when hearing the debut album but I don’t think any of them comes through here and it feels more or less as the band is exactly where they were on the debut, it is as they have come nowhere since the debut. I could have copied the text from the debut album review for this review as well but I shouldn’t and I won’t. Some reviewers were impressed, I was mainly indifferent, it is just another melodic death metal album. A bit of a sign of the times, I think they should walk down path less threaded, had the title of the debut album been correct then we would have seen something interesting. Now we don’t.

Well, I remain unimpressed. It is a good album no denying that, it is well made and well produced. I still think there are positives and elements that these guys should focus more deeply on and change their vocals, this would mean that we will see something better down the line. But the question is, why don’t they use this potential? Why do they go down the most threaded paths in the woods? Maybe they look to be good at being ordinary because that is what they are, a good but ordinary band. And this is a good but ordinary album, not really what I was hoping for. If you really enjoy all kinds of melodic death metal, maybe then you’ll be really impressed with this album.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Wintersun/Ensiferum/Turisas
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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