Jumping Jack
Trucks & Bones

01. She Made No Resist
02. Wet Desert
03. Crystal Tree
04. Into My Eyes
05. Churches Flames
06. Taxidermic Sensation
07. Fucking Holidays
08. Black Jack
09. Siren's Blast
10. Drunk Peanut
11. Neverth

Manu Redhead - Bass
Christophe Dabrown - Drums
Julian Bells - Vocals, Guitars




Released 2012
Reviewed 2013-06-18


Jack jumping around, possibly in joy over his debut album. I did not notice that the debut of this French band was quite old when I started to finish this review, it proves that it was though. But as I have spent the time listening to it, it would be good to write about it anyway. The band is a trio and this album with a truck on the cover is called Trucks and Bones and is the debut album of the band. They have released an EP before and that is about all I know about this band so let us move on to the album.

Simply heavy rock’n’roll is what it is. No fancy tricks just straight ahead rock music that is strong and powerful, well produced and strong. It is a simple rock album for the simple man I suppose. Maybe it fits for the trucker driving along the roads at night, it is that kind of music that probably works well in a car. Not particularly varied and it goes on for almost fifty minutes and eleven tracks. That could be a problem for the one sitting down in his/her comfortable armchair just listening at it might feel a bit tedious towards the end with the album being quite static.

I found this album having a great start in a first track that is strong and catchy and also can be described as really good. After that the album is alright but the further it goes the less interesting it gets and towards the end it just flows by without me really noticing what happens. A bit of a double edged sword this album, it has some great stuff but is also quite uninteresting towards the end. It could have been better this album, but for most it will most likely be good for the fans of the genre, which I cannot really be described to be.

In the end I think this album is a good one, I like the opening track and I think the album is strong overall. It dies off a bit towards the end but nevertheless it is still a fairly entertaining album. I will play that great opening track a few more times before archiving it in a place where it will most likely not be played again as it is one of those good albums that does not quite stand above the mainstream.



Label: Klonosphère
Three similar bands: Corrosion of Conformity/Danko Jones/Black Label Society
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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