Infernal Tenebra
New Formed Revelations

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Dark Tranquillity/Death/Slayer
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Entropia
02. Failed Leaders Museum
03. The Art Of Survival
04. Blood Stained Canvas
05. Last Martyr Standing
06. Happily Depressed
07. One Minute Silence
08. Damage Control

Paolo Grizonic – Bass
Sandi Orbanic – Drums
Ivo Petrovic – Guitars
Darko Etinger – Vocals, Guitars

Beneath the Twilight (2001)
The Essence of Chaos (2007)


Mixed and Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden
Cover art and booklet design by Gustavo Sazes

Released 2012-12-07
Reviewed 2013-03-13


It seems as Croatia is an up and coming nation coming to the metal scene, I was recently quite impressed by Symphonic metallers Dowcast Art. This of course is something different being more of an extreme metal band than anything else, they are said to have some progressive influences and such. They started all the way back in 1999 as a regular black metal band before evolving into something completely different, although still an extreme metal album. This album is their third album and it has some good people behind the knobs of mixing and mastering, but other than that I have not much to say about this Croatian quartet considering that they have not been seen by me before this album.

Their music is firmly rooted in the extreme, death metal I suppose it is but with influences from thrash and the Gothenburg melodic death metal and some other quite noticeable influences that take up a smaller place in the grand scheme of things. Quite melodic is it and also quite varied within the style of the album, eight tracks and just short of 40 minutes of playing time it is an album that on paper has it all. The production is modern and good, nothing overly impressive but a solid production with good sound. It is not a particularly different album for the genre, it has all the trademarks of the death metal genre and they offer nothing we haven’t already heard before.

A well made but quite typical album I suppose you can say and that also means that it is a rather good death metal album but at the same time it is hard to really find motivation to play the album. It starts good with Entropia which is a track I like and there are some more but the further the album plays, the less interesting it becomes and in the end I don’t feel particularly impressed with these guys. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration and borrowing from other bands but when the music is entirely composed by loans and inspirations that you think you’ve heard before it becomes a bit tiresome and that is the biggest downfall of this album. The competition is the main problem for this album, this has been done before by others and done better many times as well.

I think that if you like death metal you might find this album impressive so you can ask yourself: do I like death metal very much? If your answer is yes then I think that you should have a look at this album as it may appeal to you, if your answer is no then I think you will do best in looking for your musical entertainment some other place as this is most likely not for you. This all leads me to conclude that this album is a decent death metal album, nothing more and nothing less.



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