Infernal Poetry

01. Preliminaries
02. Stumps
03. In Glorious Orgy
04. Hypertrophic Jellyfish
05. Everything Means “I”
06. Barf Together
07. Cartilages
08. The Copy / Paste Syndrome
09. The Miss-Treated
10. Paraphilias

Paolo Ojetti - vocals
Daniele Galassi - guitars
Christian Morbidoni - guitars
Alessandro Infusini - bass
Alessandro Vagnoni - drums

Not Light But Rather Visible Darkness (2002)
Twice (Split CD with Dark Lunacy) (2003)
Beholding the Unpure (2005)
Nervous System Checking (EP 2007)
Nervous System Failure (2009)


Artwork by Daniele “Dex” Tedeschi

Released 2013-01-14
Reviewed 2013-03-05

bakerteam records

Infernal Poetry, that sounds interesting has to be the spontaneous impression from the band’s name. Infernal music with lyrics in a poetic style is what I suspected but then I saw the cover artwork which looks a tad infantile and then have a look at the song titles which also looks infantile so maybe the band name is a bit off. The lyrics does otherwise revolve around the areas of sex and such stuff which is what the title also leads you to know, but of course infantile attitudes does not always mean that the music is bad. They are said to be one of the sickest bands on the scene this italian quintet and a lot of big things are said about their music but can it really be something to have?

Well, if you like death metal because that is what it is, nothing fancy or innovative just classical death metal with a very nice modern production. The production is definitely high class but the singer isn’t as he sounds like any death metal growler, it is a quite average singer I would say. The album in itself isn’t very long with 36 minutes playing time but neither is it very varied as it feels quite static in style and it feels rather long despite it not really being that seen in playing time. Other than that there isn’t really much to say about their style, no crushing riffs and no outstanding vocals or hysterical twists but as I stated before just quite ordinary death metal.

There are many big words used to sell this album but not much of it is really true, it is also said that it is a love or hate kind of album which I don’t really think that it is either. I think it is a rather mediocre album neither impressive nor really poor. So if you like the classical kind of death metal perhaps with a bigger and better production, then you’ll probably find this album impressive as well. I think that it is a quite average death metal album and as you all probably know there are quite a few of those already and there isn’t even any salvation for that in great song titles like Barf Together or In Glorious Orgy. Another question that appear when looking through song titles and after having heard the album is if they have fallen for the copy/paste syndrome as it sounds much like things we have already heard, not much in terms of fresh ideas here.

We were promised infernal poetry and that would have been great, we never got any such poetry though. It was a great promise but they could not keep it, instead we got infantile poetry and ordinary evil which just does not burn as brightly as real infernal poetry. Not really my cup of tea but if you are a death metal fan then it might just be your.



Label: Bakerteam Records
Three similar bands: Devildriver/Cryptopsy/Bloodsimple
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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