In Utero Cannibalism

Label: Sleazy Rider Records/Collectors Dream/Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Cannibal Corpse/Deicide/Immolation
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Lockdown
2. Pieces of Shit
3. As I Burn
4. Dead Nation
5. No Return
6. Retribution is Gore
7. Bloodless
8. Judas
9. Sick
10. Lab Rats to Eradicate

Alex K. - Drums
Vassilis – Vocals
Stefanos – Bass
Miltos – Guitars
Mike - Guitars

Psychotic Killing Lust (2007)
Frenzied (2009)



Released 2013-03-15
Reviewed 2013-05-22

sleazy rider

Sometimes when you get an album you know that it is going to be poor, look at this cover artwork and the name. The album is called Sick and it is the third one of this Greek band, which is said to fall within the grindcore genre according to some reviewer. Not the most exciting thing I have ever laid eyes on so to speak, and honestly the reviewers aren’t really that amazed either. Some are but some aren’t. So what about this reviewer, who isn’t really impressed by much.

Typical grindcore, typical death metal. Aggressive and silly grunts for vocals, smattering on cookie jars as drums and a fair bit of instrumental abuse. It is not the most impressive of productions that I have ever heard, and it is as typical of the genre as it gets. The variation is of course nonexistent and the spoken word parts doesn’t really add anything although I like the dialect. I would not really call it exciting in any part but I must say that at least they keep it short with just over the half hour for playing time so at least I did not have to spend too much time getting to know the album.

And I really don’t like what I hear, it is a drab collection of aggressive and boring songs. A guy screaming his lungs out, some guys destroying instruments and drums that for most parts sounds rather awful. There are some positive parts of some songs but most of it is really just noise. Did I say that I am not impressed?

It is a boring album, one that I have a hard time finding any reason at all for listening to. Maybe the problem is that I am not overly into this style of music so if you are maybe your view will differ from mine, but I am not impressed and I do not like this album one bit. I’d recommend that you stay away from this album.



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