A Farewell to Gravity

1. From The Universe Beyond
2. Home
3. Drifting Dreamers
4. Let Life Be An Origami
5. Nevro (tic)
6. Brainstorming Line
7. First Draft Of A Life
8. When The Kraken Comes
9. A Farewell To Gravity
10. Crisis
11. Hiranyaloka

Marco Ciscato - Vocals
Mirko Marchesini - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Giuseppe Zaupa - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Davide Pretto - Keyboards & Synth
Luca Capalbo - Bass Guitar
Francesco Tresca - Drums & Percussions

Dead World (2009)


Produced by Hypnotheticall.
All songs recorded and mixed by Luca Dal Lago.
Drums engineered and recorded by Alessio Garavello at Remaster Studio, Vicenza, ITALY.
All songs mastered by Anthony Lim in London, UK.

Released 2013-02-12
Reviewed 2013-06-30


Farewell to gravity says italian band Hypnotheticall, the question is why. Do they know something that we don’t? will Earth loose its gravity? Or are they planning a trip to the ISS? It is an exciting thing to hypnothesise about the meaning of the title, the cover artwork does not really offer any explanation about what the real meaning of the title is but it looks exciting nontheless. This is the second album of this band, the first one was released 2009 but the band was formed back in 1999 and did release some demos and EPs before the debut album. So, they do have some experience and the biography speaks of grand names within the progressive rock/metal genre.

And progressive is what it is, progressive rock/metal not overly complicated but with many elements often connected with that kind of music. It is quite varied and well produced, the singer is very good as well. I don’t think that the long playing time will be that much of an annoyance to most due to the variation found over the eleven tracks. It feels like a quality production and I would say that it sounds like the band knows what they are doing. My hypnothesis is that they are very skilled band and they have a knack for making interesting music. It is progressive and somewhat complex but still catchy and not too complicated for the one not completely into the progressive musical genre.

I would say that this is a good album from a good band, anyone into the progressive genres ought to find it rather interesting. It is a fairly interesting progressive album, not the best I have ever heard but still a strong and fascinating one that I can enjoy whenever I listen to it. Sure it is a tad long with its hourlong playing time and with some tracks that are a bit bland, good but a bit bland. The variation makes a bit up for that but I think that as a whole it would have been better had it been somewhat shorter as that would have made it feel a bit more focused, albeit that isn’t really that big a problem but it is still there. Otherwise I have nothing to complain about, it is a very strong album overall.

I enjoy this album and the sharpest tracks are the one called Let Life Be an Origami which is a nice strong track, as is the track called When the Kraken Comes. Those two are very strong tracks, so with a somewhat longish album but with very strong tracks overall it is an enjoyable album that I can recommend to anyone into progressive rock or metal music.



Label: logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi
Three similar bands: Rush/DGM/Divided Multitude
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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