Her Dying Regret

01 Intro
02 Ashes
03 All Judge, No Jury
04 The Shallow
05 Legacy
06 The Last Lie
07 The Filthy Truth

Scott London - Vocals
Tom Melville - Vocals
Craig Mayor - Guitar
Dan Osborne - Guitar
Ed Bujakowski - Bass
Tom Cox - Drums

Siren (EP 2012)


Recorded at Avenue Studios, Camberley with producer Daniel Kerr
Artwork by Vincent Bolar

Released 2012-09-13
Reviewed 2013-10-09


Sometimes I have to wonder what reason stands behind a band name, Her Dying Regret is such a name. It is a name I just don’t like, it does not fit as a band name and seems more like one of those asian bands who just put together words at random to form a silly name like Her Dying Regret or something else not making any sense. The title Legacy makes more sense for this british sextet who with it release their second EP. An EP which cover art is said to play a significant part, I don’t see how it does and I don’t really find it very interesting either. The colour is good though and that have to count for something, it is not metalcoreish which is something the band is said to be. So what about them then? is it only the silly name that prevents record labels for signing them up? Maybe they want to release their stuff on their own since they have done so with all two of their releases so far.

Metalcore, metalcore, metalcore, I think that is a word very readily used in conjuncture with this band be it in reviews or other forms of text. If you had a checklist with elements of the genre, this band would mark them all and not have the need to add more things to the list. They are fairly typical of the genre, albeit with a focus on the more brutal side of things which can be seen as a slight deviation so it is not completely typical. The sound is good and the dynamics between vocals works well, so it sounds like a quality production even though it will not have you lifting any eyebrows. The playing time of 26 minutes is good, not too long and not too short. There is definitely a lot going for this band, but can the lack of soul be overlooked.

Well, that is something I have debated for some time now and I still cannot quite do that. It is a nagging thing that sits in the back of the mind, disturbs the music and has you weighting how each thing plays on the whole picture. I think the music is rather excellent but the lack of soul is a bit of a problem but maybe not big enough to lower the rating and I think that this band deserves a high rating and that is what I have given them. I like this album and I can recommend it, sure they do not reinvent the wheel so if you are already bored with the genre I doubt this band will change that.

If you like metalcore then I think you will like this album, it is very good thing. I would say though that they cannot keep making this generic styled metalcore for much longer as it will become boring rather fast. A soul is a bit amiss for these guys yet and I think that if they find their identity they will be up for something exciting in the future because they have something. I enjoy this album so it is well worth checking out, especially if you like metalcore.



Label: Self released/Future PR
Three similar bands: Texas In July/Of Mice & Men/Terakai
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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