Heroes of Origin

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Exodus/Testament/Death Angel
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Suicide Run
02. Weapons of Class Destruction
03. Murder American Style
04. Blood Stained Wings
05. The Violent Time Of My Dark Passenger
06. Globicidal
07. And Your Children To Be Damned
08. The Mechanics Of Annihilation
09. Shadows Of The Buried
10. Heroes Of Origin

Steve ‚Zetro‘ Souza – Vocals
Kosta “V” – Guitars
Miguel Esparza – Guitars
Cody Souza – Bass
Nick Souza – Drum



Produced by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios
Arwork and booklet design by Mark Devito

Released 2013-01-25
Reviewed 2013-01-19


Are you one of those nostalgics who believes it was better in the past? if that is the case then I can imagine that this album might appeal to you, as it is the Testament and Exodus singer Steve Souza who is behind this album. He has taken help by his two sons and two other guys in order to create this quintet of long haired slobs who perform thrash metal of the so-called Bay Area style. A genre that can be varied in finite permutations that equates to about two or three different ways and those have been explored many times over so what is really the point to contribute another of those albums to the world? But then again I have thought so many times and some of those times I have stumbled upon really good such albums and I would have to say that the Bay Area thrash might be the best of the thrash metal subgenres that exists, so it might be good even though the cover would suggest otherwise.

After listening five seconds to this album I could conclude that it would sound like any other generic thrash album and 43 minutes later when the album ends I could confirm it with solid evidence. It sounds like generic thrash metal, nothing new at all and even the production sounds like it was done eons ago. Seriously, this album sounds like anything else and if you are looking for fresh, new and exciting I would suggest that you look elsewhere. The singer is quite awful as his voice sounds like a crow on crack after breathing in a kilogram of helium before singing. I am quite sure that no one in the world will describe this is as fresh or creative and if you have heard Testament, Exodus or whatever all of those bands are called then you’ll know exactly how this sounds.

I just don’t know or see a point in albums like these, they do what others have done and they do it worse which to me is something that seems a tad pointless if I’m honest. It is just ordinary the entire album, nothing really brilliant or exciting just another thrash metal album in the Bay Area style. Sure you could argue that it is musically decent and I would say that it is as well but that doesn’t really change the fact that lots of people has done this before and has done it much better and even if you are a fan of the genre you have to admit that those albums done better are enough to fulfil anybody’s musical needs. I wouldn’t say that Hatriot’s debut album is bad but it is certainly no good and good music is what we want to listen to, and not average music.

In the end this is an average album at best and not one that I would recommend anyone buying with perhaps a slight reservation for those who are obsessed with the Bay Area style of thrash metal because if you are one of those you might still find this somewhat entertaining. For and for most people however, this is and will remain an album that does what has already been done and it does it worse.



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