Gypsy Chief Goliath
New Machines of the Night

1. Uneasy Kings
2. Are you Pulling Through
3. Dirt Meets Rust
4. Busting the Avenue
5. St. Covens Tavern
6. Got no Soul
7. Secret Liaison
8. White Owl
9. Slow Leak
10. Fought for Death

Al the Yeti Bones – vocals, guitar
Dave Ljubanovich – guitar
Sean Hamilton – guitar
Adam Saitti – drums
Sean De Faria – bass
Brodie Stevenson – Harmonica

It's a Walk in the Mist (2012)



Released 2013-10-08
Reviewed 2013-10-01


pitch black records

The chief of the Gypsies, Goliath is back with his second album. This time it is not a walk in the mist but rather new machines in the night, it is an album that looks darker on the outside. One has to wonder though, the name is ridiculous but we are not reviewing the name but what the band has to offer. I kind of liked the debut even though it didn’t quite grab me as well as a great album does. So what has changed for this new album?

To be honest, nothing has really changed. The production is bigger and better, the vocals are not sounding like ones from a drunken gypsy and the sound is larger, more mature. I think that in style it is the same, sort of a logical step in a learning process I think you can describe this second Gypsy Chief album. It is the same blues infused stoner rock, it kind of sound like southern rock I suppose. Guess you can call it a redneck rock album if you like. Even though the band is Canadian.

They have a new label and they have a fresher sound than they did on the last album but this one doesn’t have that much of a variation. It is three quarters long so maybe it is not that much of a problem that lack of variation. And the album is well made, no doubt about that. Now, I have never really been a fan of anything musical that can be labeled with anything blues. No fan of blues, I prefer other kinds of music so maybe I am not fully suited for this kind of music. Reviews have otherwise been very positive for these guys, maybe fairly, maybe not. I am sure of one thing though, it is not a perfect album no matter how you look at things. One reviewer claimed it was but I think that is overreacting, nevertheless everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and I think that we can say for sure that this is an album that will appeal to the fans of this band/genre.

I think that the opening track Uneasy Kings and the fifth track St. Covens Tavern are the two best tracks on the album. These are tracks I find very appealing, I like these tracks. The album on the other hand is not as appealing, but it is not appalling either. I think the album besides mentioned tracks is one that just flows by and I rarely take notice of it. It is a decent album, it works okay for me but it is nothing that makes a lasting impression.

So, if you are a fan of either Gypsy Chief Goliath or that stoner rock genre, you will find this album a fascinating and great one. If you aren’t, then I think you will find this album less than appealing.



Label: Pitch Black Records
Three similar bands:
Georgian Skull/The Mighty Nimbus/Clutch
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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