1. Vorkuta





Released 2012-01-27
Reviewed 2013-02-06

coma section

Erroneously spelled russian work camps or concentration camp if you so like, this is said to be something of a visit to such a camp. You know I have a good way to experience the same although a czech concentration camp, it is called driving a Skoda which is a bloody awful thing that some call car. This is a horror album according to the label which rerelease this album, well they did over a year ago and still have some limited boxes left; boxes limited to 13 copies no less, but I guess they are not selling with Skodas on the roads. It was originally released in 2009 but is back on popular demand according to some, popular demand by whom? That is my question because who wants audio terror over music.

This is music as little as a Skoda, Kia or Hyundai is a car, it is a collection of concentration camp noises which are reenacted by mental patients. The instrumentations are limited to drums, to strings and to elephants trumpeting behind the desperate screams of tortured souls. Did I mention there was some russian talking some russian bullshit there as well. We cannot really speak of any production as the sounds are quite soundish I would say and I suppose you could call them neither good nor bad as they aren’t deriving melodies and doing songs on this album. It is just 45 minutes of sounds, noises and such things and it does not quite add up to a proper musical album in my book.

So, what about these Netherlanders then? Well, this is really bad, this album and most of all it feels like torture to listen to the crap. I have heard some bad stuff in my life as a musical reviewer and this is amongst the worst crap I have ever heard, it isn’t really music either and to stand the entire playing time is a really difficult task. The question I come to think of is why? why do it? why should anyone listen to it? what is the point of the thing? I am not impressed and listening to these 45 minutes of whatever you call it was probably the worst thing I have ever endured to review an album and I actually think I deserve a medal for enduring it.

So if the point was to made some kind of audio torture or to make you experience the same thing as a Skoda driver experiences every day, the succeed really well because it is torture. If you look at it as a sort of audio artwork I suppose you could argue that it has merit but to look at it as music it is really fucking awful.



Label: Coma Section/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Stalaggh/Aymrev Erkroz Prevre/Sepulchral Moon
Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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