1. Burning Down the Cross
2. Pouring Out the Hatred
3. Down by the River of Dreg
4. Giving Up
5. Deep Cut
6. Pills
7. Restless Man
8. Idiot God

Cougar - Bass
Chris - Drums
Tubo - Guitars
Marco - Vocals, Guitars

Grime (2012)



Released 2013-07-10
Reviewed 2013-10-10



Grime are back with a new album, I cannot say that it is one of those I have been looking forward to. I did not like the first album one bit, it came last year so they work fast, maybe they are trying to drown us in rubbish music? Of course, we should not judge a book by a cover even one as ugly as this one. I always want to have the opportunity to be positively surprised, to praise something I have previously disliked. Grime is one of those bands, they are most likely working as much and as hard as any other band to make their music and that makes it very sad to write something negative about them or any other band. At the same time I can’t just not review a band I have gotten to review or lie and say that it is to my liking if it isn’t and the first one was truly dreadful so what about this new one? more of the same, or is it something different?

Well, musically it is doom, sludge or whatever we call this slow moving depressively styled music that Grime has to offer. It is dark and shows a sonic fresco of pain, suffering, antichrist, demons, death and all such unpleasant things. The songs are of hate and such things, the darkness is definitely apparent. “Slow and anvil heavy, Grime channel the essence of suffering and aggression into a vitriolic, black cacophony.” That is what the promo people say, I don’t know if it is true or not, I know that it isn’t a bright positive album that makes you jump high and praise life. It is a bit depressive. Production is miles ahead of the debut, not to say that it is any good though as it still sounds cheaper than my daily lunch cost which is 75:-. That is a cheap sounding thing. Cheap can be good though, like my new 50 mm 1:1.8 lens that was extremely cheap but works well, but this is not a camera lens, this is an italian quartet full of hate and evil.

And unfortunately they are not exactly what I would call good, not even close. Sure twice as good as the last album, but that just doesn’t mean anything as that album made me want to die, to carve the suffering out of my head with the nearest tool, it made me think of all sorts of unpleasantries. Not what I would call a good way to spend my time. This is better, it just feels like a sad album. It is a boring album and one that does not really bring me any good feeling whatsoever.

I am sad to say that I will have to write down on Grime again, I would have liked to say something more positive about them but I can’t. Guess there’s no accounting for taste so if you like Grime’s first album I suppose that you will find this amusing as well. I on the other hand will bury it under a rock somewhere and hope never to find it again, then I will spend my time doing something meaningful like using my cameras or something else that I like to do.



Label: Mordgrimm/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Eyehategod/Rwake/Pale Horse
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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