Grey Storia

1. Invade
2. Requiem
3. Escape
4. Nightmares
5. Destroy
6. Home

Paul Gemignani (Guitars)
Daniel Hogans (Drums & keyboards)



Mixed, Mastered By: Paul Gemignani (1-3) & Brian Rutkosky (2-6)
Produced By: Grey Storia
Artwork: Koos

Released 2013-02-04
Reviewed 2013-06-03


Grey Storia quite obviously hasn't had millions of dollars to play with as they've recorded 'Martonic' and I'm pretty sure they haven't got expectations on selling millions of it either, but that doesn't mean it's a bad album. This is a band that might get the millions one day - you never know - but at the moment they seems to enjoy the fun of doing what they're doing more than anything and I think this album also makes a good job getting that fun shine through and reflect on me as a listener too.

'Martonic' is only 24 minutes long and six tracks, it has no vocals but consist of 100% instrumental music but the tracks are pretty complete in their present shape anyway. The first time I listened to this album I didn't even reflect on the fact that there was no vocals because it didn't feel as anything was missing in the songs. And in contrast to most instrumental music 'Martonic' isn't a manic show-off album where the members brags about how great instrumentalists they are so you'll notice immidietly something different compared to "normal" music - here they've made an album that's instrumental but it sounds like it isn't. The result is very interesting!

My guess is that you wouldn't even reflect on the lack of vocals if you didn't know about it and that feels like quite an achievement if you ask me - to fool people you have things you don't. What you actually get on 'Martonic' are otherwise the usual stuff you get from rock albums - electric guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. But lose most of the keyboards.

Most of the songs are calmer, toned down tracks you can have in the background or listen more carefully to if you'd like to relax or something. Most of all, though, I think these songs are down to earth and speaks directly to you (at least to me). And they feel warm, like made with joy and inspiration - the kind of way candy manufacturers say their candy is made (idiots!). It might sound a bit grey to get post rock without vocals but I ensure you of the opposite - 'Martonic' might be a bit sclaed and toned down and not as flamboyant as the sterotypical Italian in an American sitcom but the album is inspiring and at least I nod along with the music when I hear it.

These six tracks are not quite as grave as post rock normally tends to feel and their style is pretty minimalistic and not at all as industrial as music in this genre tends to be. Still the album has a somewhat dystopic feel and has just the right amount of melancholy to it but it seems that the enthusiasm I spoke of earlier can break through this pretty well and I think the fun of this shines through even without vocals.

Overall I think it's a nice 24 minute journey that grey Storia takes us on and I'm convinced there are more people out there that will find this as pleasurable as I found these six tracks. You'll hear it's a bit low-budget and everything but the music is so well played that it shouldn't take anything away from the fun of hearing this album.



Label: 14 Tower Records
Three similar bands: Mogwai/Caspian/The Noose
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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