Great White
Ready for Rock n Roll

Label: Collectors Dream Records/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands:
XYZ/Jackyll/Four Horsemen
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Sin City – (AC/DC)
2. Love Removal Machine – (The Cult)
3. Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady – (Q5)
4. Ready For Love – (Mott the Hoople/Bad Company)
5. Bitches And Other Women – (The Rolling Stones)
6. Again And Again – (Status Quo)
7. Down At The Doctors – (Dr. Feelgood)
8. Tangled Up In Blue – (Bob Dylan)
9. Burning House Of Love – (X)
10. Fire And Water – (Free)
11. No Matter What – (Badfinger)
12. Lady Love – (Robin Trower)

Jack Russell – lead and backing vocals
Mark Kendall – lead guitar, backing vocals
Michael Lardie – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, engineer
Tony Montana – bass
Audie Desbrow – drums

Great White (1984)
Shot in the Dark (1986)
Once Bitten... (1987)
...Twice Shy (1989)
Hooked (1991)
Psycho City (1992)
Sail Away (1994)
Let it Rock (1996)
Can't Get There from Here (1999)
Back to the Rhythm (2007)
Rising (2009)

Elation (2012)



Released 2013
Reviewed 2013-03-10



One of those bands where the members have fallen out and decided to create two bands with the same name, Great White and Great White featuring Jack Russell or something like that. I think that is just stupid no matter what the reasons behind it is, but then again this album is a collection of songs that was released back in 2002 when that Jack Russell thing was still in the band which he is not now. The cover album was called Recover but now the songs have been rearranged in a different order and it has also gotten a different cover with a little more bite but you then start to wonder, what is the point? and the point has to be something I cannot figure out, the album seems like a way to promote a sensation of déjà vu.

Musically it is the melodic bluesrock we know from the band, the singer sounds like a typical singer of the genre with that kind of unpolished voice they tend to have. The songs are somewhat varied thanks to them being products of other bands, it has a production more remnant of the eighties than of the 2000s. Not overly impressive in terms of sound and coming to quality it feels a bit budgety, to be kind to the band. I also think that you can state that the cover art has a lot more bite than the music.

The songs are fairly decent but I fail to be impressed with what I hear and I also fail to see it as something interesting or entertaining to listen to and I usually like hearing covers but these ones are not brilliant but of course they are listenable and a fan will probably find it quite good I suppose. Not being a fan of these sharky guys I cannot really say that they alter my view of their music at all with this album, it is the same dreary stuff as it usually is. I think you can call Great White legends of dull redneck rock music. I am not impressed.

This album isn’t horrible but it isn’t brilliant either, it lacks the bite and the covers feels quite tired and dull. A decent performance but a rather soulless performance from these guys. So in the end I would call this a pointless album that does not add anything but a flurry of déjà vu and that is not something I can endorse.



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