1. From the Abyss they Shine
2. Towers of Silence
3. Necromantic Revelations
4. Domini Canes
5. A Rebirth in Sterility
6. Horned Shadows Rise
7. Rousing the Serpent
8. Thirteen Cauldrons Boil


J. - Drums
S. - Guitars, Bass
E. - Vocals

Monuments (2010)


Artwork & Layout by Cold Poison

Released 2012-03-01
Reviewed 2013-03-23


Flagellant Swedes who release their second album which is called Maledictum and it has a cover art that looks as uninteresting as they get so lets hope that isn’t an indication on what to get on the album which is being released by the dreaded terror committee who aren’t very known for releasing the good stuff. Still, the trio who all have names consisting of one letter can be good, but then again they can be really bad as well which is something you can never know. I am not one to judge a book by its cover which is why I have taken a close look at what is inside the cover of this.

Well, musically it is nothing unexpected we get from this album just a primitive black metal album. It has all the classic ingredients of the genre, very distorted and fast guitar playing, the typical bass playing of the genre and the blastbeats as well, I would say that it offers nothing in line of surprises in a musical sense. The eight tracks of the album offers not much in terms of variation and if you are not wandered in the black metal genre all those tracks will melt together into one unit where it is hard to discern which is what. The production is genre typical meaning that it is not layered at all and the sound is quite thin and rather one dimensional which is what appears to be what the genre is all about. All in all it is a typical black metal album, no more no less I suppose you can say.

I must admit that I am not a fan of the primitive side of black metal as I am as a creative person I always enjoy things that do not follow conventions and things that differs from norms which is something primitive black metal never does as it is a genre so much bound by rules and regulations. And these guys probably follow them all, as far as I can tell they do and that isn’t really something I like. Which in plain terms means that it is an album that does not appeal to me even in the slightest way, I am sure that those who likes all kind of black metal likes this as well. One has to question why there is such a great amount of this kind of album being released as they all sound the same, why should anyone really care about a new one? A new on like this which is another album that sounds just like anything else in the genre.

It is quite simple this album because if you like primitive black metal, you will like this album as well and if you do like music of other kinds then you’ll probably find this album uninteresting. Like the genre in general it is a poor album unless of course you are into the black metal kind of thing and that is something I or most other people in the world are not and I think we’d rather flush the album down the toilet than listen to it. Have a look at the cover artwork, if you think it looks good then you probably think the album is good as well.




Label: W.T.C. Productions/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Tortorum/Gorgoroth/Dead To This World
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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