Father & Son
Rest in Pieces

01. Backdoor Woman
02. Rest in Pieces
04. Tough Luck
05. Leper of Love

Petter Reingardt - Vocals
Loke Molund - Lead guitar
Dexter Gramfors - Guitar
Rickard Gramfors - Bass
Mats Molund - Drums

Father & Son (2012)


Recorded at Garaget Studio, Solna
Engineered by Michael Nordström
Produced by Fater & Son and Michael Nordström
Sleeve Design by Mats Molund and Tomas Arfert

Released 2013
Reviewed 2013-07-30


Jesus, is on the cover of this second effort by the fathers, the sons and the holy singer who makes up the band cleverly called Father & Son. Much better cover artwork than last year’s debut which was an impressive piece of rock music clearly establishing this band as one to hear. I don’t think that they commercially do as well as they do in regards to their musical quality but that is something I don’t care about (even though I wish the band well in that regard). This is as I have already alluded to, the band’s second effort and it is a five track EP called Rest in Pieces which sounds like they way to go, doesn’t it? This band must before we move into their music be praised for quoting this best rock webzine in the world in the press info for this album, pity that I misplaced it somewhere so that I cannot frame the quote along with the other press info that have quoted me along the way of writing for this webzine. This proves that they have good taste, which is good.

I don’t think too many of you have really explored this band but if you have heard the self titled debut you will recognise the style of this EP. It is the same frisky rock ‘n’ roll with attitude, with humour, with clever and funny lyrics, with energy, with freshness and a unique touch while it still remains familiar as hard rock, rock or heavy metal. Maybe it is the singer who is to be praised for this fresh yet familiar sensation, maybe it is the songs. What is true is that the production is fresh but the music still feels genuine like it comes straight from the heard, not fancy tricks and no phoney attitude just plain and simple rock music as it should be presented. Excellent production I have to say, you rarely hear this well produced hard rock as it is either overpolished or not polished at all which makes it sound really old, this is neither of those as it is brilliant.

The songs are maybe not brilliant but they sure are really good, they show a little sexiness and a bit of disregard for conventions, and not just for the sake of things but because it is the right thing for this album. I applaud that and I applaud the overall quality. I miss that smashing hit track that just hits you in the face, there are some really strong tracks but none of them belongs in that timeless classic category where the track remains in your head forever after the first time you’ve heard it. Not many albums show this quality and even less rock albums do, this album definitely belongs in the top region of the real rockers out there. Perhaps it is also a bit short to really take in but with that I will end the nitpicking and just say that it is an excellent EP and it is well worth listening to.

I think that ever since that air of danger and rebellion vanished from the rock music, when it no longer brought out the horror amongst parents and such it has gotten quite boring amongst those bands. Take the americans for instance, they are experts in churning out awful rock bands that bores you to sleep every time you hear them and to be honest with a few good exceptions I have begun to loose hope of the traditional rock music. This EP and this band however shows that there is still hope for traditional rock music, this is just what it is all about: a complete disregard for everything just plain and simple rock ‘n’ roll. I hope there is long time yet until these guys rest in pieces, it is great fun and enjoyable to hear tracks like Backdoor Woman, Woodshed or the great title track. Lets just say strongly recommended.



Label: Klubb Super 8 Fonogram
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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