Fatal Impact

1. Esoteria
2. A New Era
3. Where the Alders Grow
4. Silent December
5. End Time Theater
6. The Blind Mans Eye
7. The Arrival
8. A View to Hell
9. Under the Stars
10. The Final Solace
11. Verity of Splendor
12. Funeral


Jørn Øyhus – Vocals & guitar
Per Anders Olsen – Guitar
Freddy Alund - bass
Sondre Svendsen – Drums

Law of Repulsion (2008)


Recording, mixing and mastering by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genoa , Italy

Released 2013-01-28
Reviewed 2013-04-20

nadir music

There is an imminent catastrophe awaiting, at least judging by the cover art. The awaiting impact looks rather fatal, but at the same time rather beautiful and stunning. It is the product of a norwegian band called Fatal Impact and it is their second effort we are dealing with here. Their first was released in 2008 but the band’s story is said to go back either a decade or all the way to 1995 depending on if you ask the press sheet or the info at a metal site on the internet. Their first demo was released in 2004. This second studio album is called Esoteria which would indicate that it is an album that may well be a tad esoteric. Something a quote from the press text also could be interpreted to indicate: “Will you dare take a dive into the pre-apocalyptic and conspiratory world of Fatal Impact, or will you simply not get it?” I have heard of post-apocalyptic stuff, would pre-apocalypse mean something like imminent apocalypse? maybe from a fatal impact with another celestial body?

Impressive album cover, interesting album title albeit the album isn’t really as esoteric as the title would suggest. It is power metal, a bit more heavy than the very melodic kind that we are more often treated to. Think Brainstorm or bands like them and you are fairly close, the singer reminds of Frank from said band. The album is fairly varied over the tracks which are mostly midtempo but stylishly quite varied, something that is a necessity considering the one hour playing time. The tracks which are a dozen seems to tell a story, perhaps one of an imminent fatal impact. It is quite heavy but also melodic and atmospheric. I would describe it as a bit of an epic story, and a well produced album. Impressive production would not be exaggerating.

However, it is not only an impressive production but also a fairly impressive album overall, with a dozen strong tracks to boost about. Norway may not be the most sophisticated nation in the world but there are some interesting metal bands from there and this is definitely one of the best. It is easy to take in but still deep enough to thrill for many play throughs. I would not be surprised if they did make an impact, but that is of course nothing we can be certain about. Best is the first real track A New Era, Silent December and the two ending tracks and it certainly keeps you interested for the entire playing time despite it being so long. This quartet seems to know their thing and they do tell a fascinating story, at least when it is played out in my imagination.

I think you would be a tad wrong not to look closer at these guys and this album, they have shown some brilliance here. It is an album that provokes thoughts, not only for the music and its dramatic application but also for the great cover artwork. This of course means that there are many reasons to look up these guys and none of those are esoteric.




Label: Nadir Music/Code7/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Brainstorm/Communic/Jag Panzer
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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