Euphoric Defilement
Ascending To The Worms

Label: Unique Leader Records/Hammerheart
Three similar bands: Disgorge/Severed Savior/Decrepit Birth
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
1. Intro (Quietus)
2. To Postulate Unconditional Perversions
3. Fragment Of The Paradigm
4. Rending Shades Of Deformity
5. Abolishing The Divine Structure
6. Dysfunction
7. Echoes/DeprivationOfThe-
8. A Peaceful Descent (Instrumental)
9. Consume to Defile
10. Ascending to the Worms
11. Virulent Affliction

Gabriel Lopez (Drums)
Juan Hernandez (Guitars)
Andrew Villarreal (Vocals)
Tom Myers (Bass)



Steve Crow (Logo, Layout)
Mottla Art (Artwork)
Metal "Dan" Ochoa (Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Released 2013-02-19
Reviewed 2013-05-19

unique leader records

Seriously? Is there really anyone out there that thinks this kind of vocals sounds good? They go YYYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUUU YYYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUUU YYYYYYO-OOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!! Not a single hearable word is uttered through the entire 37 minutes of this eleven tracks long album, all you're able to hear above the strings and drums is something that sounds like a horny moose grunting after females and chewing pine branches.

The music is quite typical gore metal with plentyful rapid hammering on drums but with a string section that just as well could have been fetched from a heavy metal album of the harder kind. I have to say I'm a bit, positively, surprised by the string section because they are not only pretty well-played but also quite far from the normal "make as much noise as fast as we can" sound of most bands in this genre.

The strangest thing on 'Ascending To The Worms' happens about 2/3 of the distance in to the album when they on the song A Peaceful Descent makes an instrumental song, very toned down and slow… a sort of breathing hole in the middle of all aggression and speed. Well, I don't know if it gets that peaceful… partly because of the songs surrounding them are just as - or even more - aggressive than the rest of the album and partly becuase the song isn't very well-played. Sure, it's calm and quite - like a breath of freash air in the middle of a polluted junkyard but technically it's very badly made and it just feels like a cheap trick they've tried to get some extra points from, like "look how deep we are doing an almost acoustic track in the middle of everything". Well - do it well or don't do it at all! It's better than most of this album since we finally get something else than that insane moose grunting for sex, but still a poor performance.

According to me it's still one of the best albums I've heard in this genre where everyone just seems to try to make as much noise as possible with "vocals" sounding more like slaughtered animals. I especially find quality in the string section and it's just too band they let that possible potential get lost in the fucked up drums and totally, completely shit vocals. It might have sounded good with vocals in the vein of Arch Enemy or Amon Amarth or something, like "sane growling". But in its present shape I think it's pretty unbearable!



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