Inner Silence

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Nightwish/One Without/Amaranthe
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Faceless
02. Forlorn
03. Inner Silence
04. In My Hands
05. Swallow
06. Satin And Silk
07. Mirror Soul
08. Too Late
09. Beyond The Dark
10. Demoralized

Natalie Pereira dos Santos - Vocals
Thomas Knauer - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Moni Strobl - Keyboard
Lorenz Henger - Bass Guitar
Enrico Jung - Drums
Markus Herz - Lead Guitar




Released 2013-01-25
Reviewed 2013-01-17


Behind a very good looking album cover hides a debut album by a german sextet from Munich, one that is said to be female fronted traditional heavy metal with modern touches. That translated from selling bullshit to english means female fronted heavy metal with some growls and probably a fair bit of keyboards. But let us not rant about labelling music with names and instead look at what this sextet has to offer with their debut album, a nice artwork is one thing but what else?

They do play heavy metal with a very melodic disposition, quite keyboard driven and female fronted it is as well. There are some growls added for good measure but the main thing you hear are the female vocals. It is a quite varied album and mostly it is quite heavy as well with some more aggressive parts to boast about as well. I would call it well produced with a good, dynamic sound that gives a show of a very good band with lots of skill and interesting musical ideas. The album is in decent length as well with 46 minutes of playing time, so I would say that Envinya show a fairly good musical knowledge and quality with their production.

And the album is fairly good as well, it lacks and real high notes though as all songs feels quite even making it an album where all the songs work but none stands out which unfortunately always tend to make the album feel a bit less good. A minus for the growls as well because they are neither necessary nor good, I think the growls are quite boring and in the case of the ending song Demoralized it actually ruins a very good songs with boring growls. But besides these little flaws I would call this album a good listen and I would probably not have been disappointed if I bought this album, sure I would not be overjoyed either but it is good.

This is a good debut album that shows some potential and it is certainly nothing they should be ashamed of, I like this album but I am not certain that I will ever play it again now that I have reviewed it. The biggest problem of this album is besides the ruined ending also the great number of music that already exist, it is a good album but in my book it is not good enough to really stand out amongst the competition that exist in the world of music. But as Rainbow once said “Vielleicht das nächste mal”.



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