Unleashing the Shadows

Label: No Remorse Records
Three similar bands:
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. The Art of Destruction
02. I Believe
03. Waiting
04. Do You Remember
05. Take Me
06. Dark Flight (instrumental)
07. You Are in Shadows
08. New Beginning Day
09. Far Away
10. Pieces of a Dream


Juan José Fornés (guit, bass & keys)
Diego Valdez (vocals)
Owen Bryant (drums)

Chapter 1 - In the Beginning (2009)


Drums recorded at VIP Rock Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Guitars, keys & Bass recorded at JJ Home Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mix and Mastering by Ivan Iñiguez at Absolute Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Produced by Juan José Fornés and Electro_nomicon

Released 2013-10-14
Reviewed 2013-11-01

no remorse records

Argentine-american trio Electro_Nomicon are unleashing the shadows amongst the metalheads of the world, t.ö h e cover has a nice dark looking appearance. It is a very good looking cover art on this album which is their second as far as I can make out. The label makes a big deal of the band being highly ranked among metal fans on Reverbnation, they once held the top spot in Seattle according to label info. They have now slipped to third but as far as I can see there wasn’t any other band besides Queensrÿche that really stands out in any regard of fame as far as I know. Reverbnation scores or reviews however, has no bearing on my opinions as I tell it how I see it as unbiased as I can.

I read on the web that the singer of this band sounds like the late Ronnie James Dio, I don’t think he does. He sounds like some singers I know, can’t figure out who or which band at the moment though but it very familiar. Maybe it is because he sounds like an archetype of a metal singer, high pitched voice and all of that. Decent but nothing special. The band’s music is also mostly archetypical heavy metal and you can count an array of bands that has done very similar songs. Nothing wrong with doing music similar to others, but don’t count on good reviews from us as sounding like too much other stuff out there does not really equate to something on the plus side for our reviewers. I think the production is top notch though, very modern with a strong yet melodic sound. It is very impressive but the ten songs should really have had more variation to really shine.

I am getting slightly ahead of myself there but I have to say that due to lack of variation and originality, this album becomes a rather ordinary album. Not bad in any way and it has some top notch stuff which I will tell you about later, but most of the songs, 60% of them sounds like they could have been done by more or less any heavy metal band. That is not something good in my book. Before you send me angry emails over my point, ordinary is not bad it is just that it in comparison with other comparable bands they are not overly impressive. I still think that this album is fairly good and really well made.

There is a quartet of songs in the middle of the album tracks three to seven where the fifth Take Me can be discarded as one of the ordinary. Neither of these songs are too amazing, and when i say neither I mean that three of them are quite memorable as songs go. Good songs. Then we have track six, Dark Flight which is absolutely brilliant. An instrumental track that stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the songs on the album, I would say that it is a brilliant track with excellent melodies and guitar playing that really works. The track of the album that makes it stand out slightly from most other music we hear in the genre, this track alone makes me think of Electro_Nomicon as a class act. Excellent track, just too bad the rest of the album is not as good.

In the end we can conclude that this is an album for the heavy metal fan who isn’t as picky as I am, it is a very well made album. Albeit it is also a very ordinary album in that it sounds like most other music but perhaps slightly better made but still ordinary, despite having this extraordinary artwork called Dark Flight.



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