1. Firestorm
2. Angel Of Light
3. Each Time I Die
4. Where Eternal Jesters Reign
5. Fly Away
6. Reasons Revealed
7. Strangers' Ode
8. Mortal Games
9. Lady Of A Thousand Lakes
10. March To Glory

Erkki Seppänen- Vocals
Rami Keränen- Guitar
Seppo Kolehmainen- Guitar
Akseli Kaasalainen- Keyboards
Petteri Rosenbom- Drums
Heikki Ahonen- Bass

Beyond Reality (2002)
Ocean's Heart (2003)
Difference (2005)
Phoenix (2008)



Released 2012-09-28
Reviewed 2013-01-05

rock it up

Finnish dream taletellers are back with their fifth album which was actually released in 2011 but was released on Ice Warrior records late last year and thus made available for the people of Europe. This album is called Epsilon which follows Phoenix from 2008 and it is the second Dreamtale album to feature Erkki Seppänen on vocals, it also has a nice looking album cover and as Dreamtale always has been one the most interesting traditional european power metal bands it is also an album that promises a lot but let us see if it can live up to that promise and the legacy of Dreamtale.

Musically the Dreamtale fan will recognise the stylings of the band from before as much of their cinematic style from their earlier works are present and also the uptempo power metal style that they subscribe to. In one way they are quite unique but in another way they do play sort of an archetypical way of european power metal, so you could describe this album as unique yet very familiar. The tempo is mostly high but it is still quite varied over the ten tracks and around 48 minutes that this album consists of, the songs are also a bit varied in style as well so it is a well sorted and well crafted album in that regard. The production is good, nothing overly impressive but a solid and well presented album. I would call Epsilon a high quality product in regards to the sound and all of that.

This is a very good album, the songs are all high quality and there are even some strong hit songs in the opening duo and then I also enjoy the sixth track called Reasons Revealed. These tracks mentioned are the hit songs or favourites depending on how you look at it but all the songs and all the album gives a very good solid impression and it will most likely appeal to anyone into this kind of music and probably to those into other kinds of music as well. I think you can say that they both look backwards and forwards with their music of this album, some stuff is newer for them while other things are still maintaining their style and I would say that the major criticisms one can have for this album is that they sound quite a lot like they always have but as they have their own style it is not really that much of a problem.

I would say that this is a very good power metal album, strong and melodic with catchy choruses and all of that. A well recommended album with great songs that will appeal to power metal fan as well as any other musical fanatic, something I think can appeal to anyone. Maybe it is not as good as their debut Beyond Reality which I still hold as their best but still a great album to enjoy for anyone who like quality music.



Label: Ice Warrior Records/Rock It Up Records
Three similar bands: Sonata Arctica/Freedom Call/Stratovarius
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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