Last Day: Tomorrow

1. 1408
2. If I Close My Eyes
3. Last Day Tomorrow
4. Inside Out
5. Just Lies
6. W.F.Y.I.H.
7. The Other Side
8. Pathfinder
9. Resurrection
10. These Words

Thomas Garos - Vocals, Shouts
Bastian Gerfelder - Shouts, Vocals
Daniel Heß - Guitars
Olav Langer - Guitars
Michael Steger - Bass
Chris Walther - Keys
Dominik Waldorf - Drums




Released 2012-12-14
Reviewed 2013-05-05



Last Day: Tomorrow. That doesn’t sound too well but considering that this was said several months ago it by this German septet, it would appear as though their prophecy was wrong. The band called Dieversity is a septet and the label seems to do a thing about them being two singers like that was something different (I can think of at least five melodic death metal bands that are the same right this minute). Different, yet modern it was said. Also it was going on about they keys and the young drummer and statements of talent and all of that things that label says. It is their debut album and it has a great looking cover artwork. Then we note that it is melodic death metal, not the most sensible genre and not the one with the most amount of interesting and clever bands either. Still, there are always room for surprises and this band might just be what the doctor ordered for the genre.

They do offer a highest quality production with excellent sound and at times some really fascinating keyboard parts. There are some metalcore traces, and the talk is also of prog and maybe the keyboard stuff can be said to be progressive but to be honest it is all in all a melodic death metal album that isn’t that different from any other out there. The dual singer thing begs for a question: what double singers? I thought it was the same guy so it is kind of a wasted space to use two if I am honest. And neither of the singer is good either, not bad though I have to add to that. Ordinary singers, excellent sound, typical melodic death metal, some great keyboard stuff is how we can describe this. At least it is a quality production if nothing else.

The album itself feels a bit like something showing a bit of potential but not really living up to it. The band’s got some excellent stuff like some keyboards parts here and there and the great sound, then they ruin it by ordinary vocals and a cowardly approach to song writing which make them end up with a rather ordinary album despite its many benefits. And why the two singers? I think it looks stupid on the stage and not really necessary when there is nothing when hearing the album that suggests they should have used two singers. A waste of space.

I think that this is an album that has introduced us to a great band, or a great band to be as it would be more correct to say. They show lots of potential but they should have been a bit more courageous when writing their songs, as I think they stick too much to the melodic death metal concept. A decent album, not really that exciting and albeit it is a good listen it will never make any bigger impression on anyone with lots of experience of the melodic death metal genre. Dieversity clearly has what it takes, it is just a matter of showing it and they they don’t quite do that and leave us with a decent death metal album.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Slipknot/Soliwork/Trivium
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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