Denners Trickbag

1. Ethiopia
2. Wasteland
3. Foyers Of Fun
4. Never In My Life
5. Hearts On Fire
6. Don`t You Let Me Down
7. Polecat Woman
8. I Got The Fire
9. Armaggedon
10. Dancing Madly Backwards – Armworth – Myopic Void

Michael Denner – Lead guitar & Acoustic Guitar
Flemming Muus – Bass
Kim Hageman – Drums & Percussion
Lars Berthelsen – Vocals & Percussion
Peter Domptorp Hansen – Lead Guitar & Slide Gutiar




Released 2013-09-09
Reviewed 2013-10-13

target records

One has to wonder if hypnotic tricks are in the bag of tricks by Michael Denner, for his new project’s first album he has gotten a very hypnotic looking cover art. A brilliant cover art to be precise. Michael Denner is called a legend having been part of Mercyful Fate, a co founder of King Diamond as well as an integral part of bands like Force of Evil etcetera. The band he has gathered for this project and album is equally experienced and accomplished. Inspired by the seventies Denner and his friends sat out to make something new and exciting, it sure looks hypnotic by looking at it.

Musically it could be described as somewhat hypnotic, it sounds as could be expected from the cover art, more or less. It is music that is very guitar oriented, built upon melodic groundwork and it is quite catchy. Not catchy because of the choruses but because of the melodies and solos which are very catchy in nature. The sound is very good, excellently produced but then what could one expect from a band with this kind of experience? I think it sounds like a high quality production, good vocals as well. And the playing time is not too long either with the ten tracks adding up to just over forty minutes of playing time.

I would describe this album as a good one, built on strong melodies and very good songs. It has a classic sound, much like is a trend today with many of such bands but these guys have something of a timeless quality so they will probably hold out much longer than most bands of this recent retro rock/metal trend. Their music is fairly complex, not in the regard that it is inaccessible but that it has a lot of depth making the album harder to grow bored with many playthroughs. I think this is a quite brilliant album, fun to listen to and enjoyable. I like this album quite a bit and I am sure that anyone who like melodic hardrock will do as well.

I don’t have any real favourite track of the album, I think they are all very good and none really stand out one way or another. Maybe the opening track called Ethiopia is the most memorable but that is probably mainly due to it starting the album and does so in an excellent way. I would describe this as a very good album, well worth taking a closer look at. I would say that this hypnotic piece of music comes strongly recommended, it is a good bag of tricks.



Label: Target Records
Three similar bands: Downspirit/Straight Frank/Mercyful Fate
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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