Defeated Sanity
Passages Into Deformity

Label: Willowtip/Hammerheart
Three similar bands: Katalepsy/Mortician/Disgorge
Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
1. Initiation
2. Naraka
3. Verblendung
4. Lusting for Transcendence
5. The Purging
6. Verses of Deformity
7. Perspectives
8. Frenzy
9. Martyrium

Includes a bonus DVD with the following content:
1. Interviews Part I (Incl "Cribs")
2. Interviews Part II
3. Interviews Part III
4. Songwriting "Lusting for Transcendence"
5. Studio Clip "The Purging"
6. Studio Clip "Lusting for Transcendence"
7. Passages into Retardation (Incl "DS Shreds" Session)
8. Lille's Blasting Technique

Lille Gruber (Drums)
Christian Kühn (Guitar)
Jacob Schmidt (Bass)
Konstantin Lühring (Vocals)

Talk Evolution / The Parasite (split with Poppy Seed Grinder 2002)
Live in Germany (split with Imperious Malevolence 2003)
Prelude to the Tragedy (2004)
Psalms of the Moribund (2007)
Cerebric Turmoil / Defeated Sanity (2008)
Unleashing the Seed of Parricide (3-way split with Venomed & Splattered Orgasm 2010)
Chapters of Repugnance (2010)

Frank Rini (Vocals on 3)
Brian Forgue (Vocals on 6 & 9)
A.J. Magana (Vocals on 9)

Jörg Uken (Producer)
Toshihiro Egawa (Cover art)
Alex Eckman-Lawn (Layout)
Erik (Producer DVD)
Laura Vanselow (Photography)
Recorded at Soundlodge Studios, Germany.

Released 2013-04-15
Reviewed 2013-04-18


I was actually thinking about giving this album a real thrashing after hearing it the first time but after hearing it another few times I must admit it has really stunned me. It's actually even worse now than the first time I heard it!

Either the creators have an extremely bad sense of humour or… OR they are completely mental, mad beyond all recognition. There's just no other alternatives. I seriously never know if I should laugh or cry when I get something like this. Are people seriously making things like this because they like it? Or are they just playing sick pranks with us? Well, one can really wonder because you need not only time but also money to record and release an album so either you have too much of these things so you can fool around and do things like this or you really are serious with it by which I have to say it's pretty scary that you're able to walk freely on the streets since you so clearly are completely nuts. I can't say I'd prefer any of those alternatives.

Similar to what I said about the creators of this album I must say about the people that actually like this. If you like something this you are clearly more crazy than Britney Spears, on the same level as an amoeba or dead cell. Ooooohh, looooook! A doooor… bang! Ouch… bang! Ouch… bang! Ouch… bang! Ouch... bang! Ouch… That's the kind of mental state fans of this have.

So what are we talking about here? Honestly it's not easy to find the words for it, but a pretty good description would be to resemble it with a broken record that's stuck on the same note with the sound of a repeating burp stuck in the same note on top of that. It really sounds seriously shit all the way from beginning to end. Everything just melts together in to one messy pile of dog shit with a little bit of feces coming from all kinds of hounds. All smelling equally bad. If this kinds of noises came from your car you'd be seriously worried about it. Had they come from your tv or computer you'd pull the plug immediately and hope the damage wasn't permanent. It's very possible this kind of noise could come from a broken car or computer or television, but I hardly think you'd start to dig the sounds then either.

Hammerheart tempts us to buy this album by sending a bonus DVD with the CD containing a documentary of the band with studio reports and interviews. Now who in this entire universe would ever want a thing like that?! I can honestly say I've thought about promising a reward to whomever commits on brutally "incapacitate" the people behind this. But then, if I did that, I'd probably had to go through all kinds of moral and legal stuff that I don't have time for because I said it in a review, so it's not worth the effort. But one could easily think about it.

Defeated Sanity has defeated by sanity. I can't understand how an album like this could ever be released because it's really fucking shit!



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