Death SS

1. Revived
2. The Crimson Shrine
3. The Darkest Night
4. Dionysus
5. Eaters
6. Star in Sight
7. Ogre’s Lullaby
8. Santa Muerte
9. The Devil’s Graal
10. The Song of Adoration
11. Precognition
12. Bad Luck

Steve Sylvester - Vocals (lead)
Freddy Delirio - Keyboards
Glenn Strange - Bass
Al De Noble - Guitars
Bozo Wolff – Drums

Discography: Death of Steve Sylvester (1988)
Black Mass (1989)
Heavy Demons (1991)
Do What Thou Wilt (1997)
Panic (2000)
Humanomalies (2002)
The Seventh Seal (2006)

Cristina Frediani - Vocals (backing)
Maria Buttafoco - Vocals (backing)
Elena Quilici - Vocals (backing)
Shahid Parvez - Baber Sitar (on track 10)
Rich Cappanini - Violin
Viera Bogli - Violin
Silvia Pacconesi - Viola
Elsa Lancetti - Viola
Elida Pali - Cello
Laura Lerti - Vocals (backing)
Romina Malagoli - Vocals (backing)
Giorgio Merli - Cello

Emanuele Taglietti - Cover art
Freddy Delirio - Mixing, Recording
Steve Sylvester - Producer, Lyrics
Svante - Mastering
Vittorio Lombardoni - Executive producer

Released 2013-07-31
Reviewed 2013-07-05

scarlet records

An italian band that has been around for ages, ever since dinosaurs walked on Earth in fact. Which means 1977 although the first album was released a fair bit later than that. This is the eighth album of the band, the first since 2006. It would appear as though they are taking their time between album considering their time active and how many albums they have released. But is it so? The SS by the way stand for the initials in the singer name. So, seven years since last time around, somewhere around 13 years since last time I heard these guys. I was not impressed by then and as I have never really cared much for so-called horror metal so I am not overly impressed.

Horror themed heavy metal, think bands like Alice Cooper or even more like Wednesday 13. Quite raw sounding, the vocalist sounds like a frightened guy just like what seems to be the standard in genre. A bit catchy, the production is okay and the sound works alright for the style. The album itself can hardly be described as innovative or different from what I have heard from the band before, maybe some say that it is good that they are true to their style and fans. Neither is it very varied and still it plays for very near the hour mark, that is a bit on the long side to me.

Consider me unimpressed. Not that I think that the album is poor in any way, only that it is a tad boring and uneventful. It is also long so it tends to be an album I wait for to end as I am not that impressed by what i hear. It is also quite boring that it appears as though the band has not changed since I last heard them, it sounds the same as then. So the real question is: what’s the point? why do I waste hour after hour listening to an album that doesn’t really do anything for me? the only answer is that I do it because Scarlet wanted me to review it, I could have done without it as I have just too much on my table anyway.

In many respects I think that this is a decent album in that they have done a solid job recording it and the songs aren’t bad, but at the same time this leads to a fairly lacklustre album that doesn’t take the music of Death SS anywhere. I like the song Santa Muerte, it is a good song with lots of great stuff in it but the rest of the album falls quite flat to the average floor of music. So to me Death SS could have remained dormant until they actually had something interesting to present, although I am not so sure their fans agree on this so if you like horror rock like Alice Cooper or Death SS I guess you could give this a chance.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Alice Cooper/Wednesday 13/King Diamond
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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