Duality Chaos

01. Ephemere
02. Bloody Lust
03. Kalila Wa Dimna
04. Disharmonia Part I
05. Disharmonia Part II
06. Anno 1423
07. Kalila Wa Dimna (No Vox Mix)

Amine Andalous O. - All Instruments, Vocals and Programming



Recorded in The Parlours Studios, Kettering UK with Neil Haynes
Vocals recorded @ Audio Sound Art Studio, Berlin with Laurentx Etxemendi
Mixed & mastered by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton

Released 2013-01-28
Reviewed 2013-03-19

mighty music

One man bands can be either hit or miss and I suppose which depends on the musician’s ability to take in opinions from others rather than just blindly trust him-/herself. The man behind this band is a Parisian who focuses his lyrics on the human violence and how we haven’t really evolved despite the fact that our technology has gone a long way. I suppose you can claim that we haven’t lived up to our technological prowess and that all the conflicts in the world today are ridiculous, big things and human suffering because of silly trifles and fat men who wants to mark their territories like the primitive animals they are. This is the theme and this album is the first by this guy and it is described as a symphonic black death metal thing with oriental influences, with heavy metal influences and some more things, a musical melting pot it can be said to be.

Melodic death metal with oriental influences and with some gothic stuff quite obvious, some instrumental track and quite a bit of variation over the tracks. The vocals are varied between growls and some gothic stuff, the growls aren’t particularly good but they work alright for the album. Some might suggest that it is an EP with only 25 minutes of playing time of the seven tracks but it is labeled as an album in the press sheet for the album and I think 25 minutes is too long to be an EP but sure it is a short album. The production is very good with a soundscape that is both interesting and exciting I would say. In terms of production I would call this a high quality product.

And it is a good album as well, not just well produced as the songs are quite clever and made with a good deal of fantasy. The album is varied, both heavy and melodic with an oriental intro that leads into a heavy song and we have a gothic styled song as well and it ends in an instrumental way. The album can be described as a fascinating journey and a melting pot of musical ideas, all the songs are good and the album has no particular weaknesses so I would say that it is a good album that I can recommend for anyone interested in fascinating music.

My favourite track is probably Anno 1423 which is a nice gothic track that breaks off nicely from the tracks before it but all the tracks are good in my opinion so I would describe this as a very interesting album that promises a lot and shows a lot of ideas and skill for this guy which is why I can recommend this album for anyone who likes their heavy music with a bit of a clever twist.

In the end I think that this can be described as a very good album as it is clever, it is a bit different from the mainstream and on top of that there is also some lyrics with a good theme even though I don’t think such messages get through to the idiots who would need to hear them. Still, do you like clever music, have a look at this album it is a good one.



Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Crematory/To/Die/For/Sentenced
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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