Death Wolf
II: Black Armoured Death

Label: Century Media
Three similar bands: Marduk/Samhain/Danzig
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
01. Noche de Brujas
02. World Serpent
03. Lords of Putrefaction
04. Darkness of Hel
05. Sudden Bloodletter
06. Malice Striker
07. Night Stalker
08. Luciferian Blood Covenant
09. Black Armoured Death
10. Death Wolf March
11. Little Black Angel
12. Snake Mountain
13. Rothenburg

MAELSTROM (vocals)
MORGAN (bass)
MAKKO (guitars)
HRAFN (drums)

Revelation Unorthodox (as Devils Whorehouse 2004)
Blood & Ashes (as Devils Whorehouse 2009)
Death Wolf (2011)



Released 2013-02-18
Reviewed 2013-04-17


century media

I thought I'd give some credit to Google in this review and promote their translation service. This review is written in perfect Swedish and then translated through Google translate so you'll know it'll be great!

I actually managed to sit through the whole 'II: Armoured Black Death' without wanting to kill myself, so sick great success for Death Wolf with this album! After getting me to push down their grades during the grading of the band's first album, then as Devil's Whorehouse, got the band actually the two points with his first album as Death Wolf. At the time, I thought the album was really fucking miserable and could not play it from start to finish once without a break somewhere in the middle of, but this is the best I've ever heard the band and by far too!

It is the first album on Century Media, the first album after Regain, and perhaps record the change made ​​the band good, because 'II: Armoured Black Death' is both more melodic and subtle than its predecessor. The songs also feels generally better with both a higher maximum level and higher minimum level. It should be noted that just because it's there does not mean that it is good, given that the other above their previous highest level includes things such as cancer, diarrhea and anthrax and what lies between their previous highest and lowest level, do you not even know. But it's actually not such a bad album this and it surprised me very much. I was almost expecting to have to jump from the disc between each track to cope to get through it, but it was both the first and the second time to play through it in one go.

The music moves on some form of black metal, usually pretty tough and slow with way too hollow sound that makes the band not feel especially heavy or hard. Now and then they find a slightly higher tempo, but a letter in the mail they lose then also in quality, given that musicians probably are not any geniuses, even if it sounds decent as long as they hold the pace. The song is pure croaking and not all that fun to listen to. Maelstorm kraxnisse who call themselves really should reconsider their career choice, although track 3 (Lord of Putrefaction) sung with something that sounds somewhat like the clear vocal part and it actually sounds acceptable

I would not go so far that I like to call Death Wolf good or really even approved but it is the best thing this band come up under me and it is acceptable. You can listen to without losing the zest for life and you can listen to the entire disc in one go, although I think I would rather spend the same time listening to accordion music if I am to be completely honest (and I have unfortunately been forced to do - it was not very fun, so expect no miracles of Death Wolf). The disc itself is perhaps interesting for fans of black metal and those who liked Death Wolf or their predecessors Devil's Whorehouse earlier. For hard rock breaker who prefer bands like Hammerfall, Sabaton, Iron Maiden and Accept it probably however still pretty uninteresting to listen to Death Wolf, but it is otherwise a step.

And that's why we don't use Google translate more often on Hallowed.




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