Deals Death
Point Zero Solution

01. Point Zero Solution
02. Facing The Echoes
03. Escalation
04. Flatline
05. Passion For Infinity
06. The Separation
07. Paramount Authority
08. Beyond Reason
09. Dark Dream Dawn
10. Back To Consciousness
11. Author Of Arts

Erik Jacobson - Guitars
Olle Ekman - Vocals
Janne Jaloma - Drums
Sebastian Myron - Guitars
Kammo Olayvar - Bass

Internal Demons (2009)
Elite (2012)


mixed by Jonas Kjellgren

Released 2013-09-13
Reviewed 2013-08-19


Swedes dealing in death with a point zero solution, a solution requiring to relocate from one part of Sweden to another, which happens to be Gothenburg which is the Swedish capital of melodic death metal. Nice cover artwork. It is the third album by Deals Death, I have never heard them or of them before so for me it is the first album I get to hear from these guys and new acquaintances are always great. Of course, not being a big death metal fan that is a bit lessened because even if I didn’t read anything about the band before listening to them there were just too many giveaways as to what the album would be about. Not that I have any preconceptions about music before listening to it, but still.

It is said to be an album of blood, sweat and toil as well as one with edgy lyrics. Can death metal have good lyrics? I guess they can. This sounds quite finnish, not only because they have a finnish record label but because it sounds a lot like those finnish melodic death metal bands that we all know and maybe like and they do so a lot more than they sound like their Swedish countrymen. Children of Bodom or Kalmah can be a good comparison if you want names. In many regards a rather insignificant and typical album of the genre, well made and strongly performed with catchy melodies but genre typical nonetheless and if you are looking for originality you will not find any here. The singer is also a rather typical death metal singer of the modern kind, a good one but if one is to be critical towards the band I would say that they lack a bit of originality but if you like the genre I would say that they make up for it with their musical skills. And they also keep it brief enough.

There is really only one thing to say about this album, Passion for Infinity which is one of the best death metal songs I have ever heard. It is a brilliant song, excellently performed and brilliant to listen to and enjoy time and time again into infinity. But, that song is quite alone, the keys it is built around is brilliant and makes the entire song, simplicity perfected in one song. Then we have as I stated, the rest of the album which is bland in comparison, even boring. I think the other songs are rather good, but they just do not measure up to the high point which is named track. I think that one recommendation would be to buy only that track and leave the rest. Although, I do not think you would regret it too much buying the album either, it is good enough to enjoy, especially because of that brilliant track called Passion for Infinity.

I like the album but at the same time it is a rather typical melodic death metal album and to be completely honest that genre is more than oversaturated already and it would require something extraordinary to stand out. Like Passion for Infinity. Lets say that they have the right qualities for brilliance but it requires more than one brilliant track to realise that potential. That is why I label this album as okay but not great.




Label: Spinefarm Records
Three similar bands: Children of Bodom/Kalmah/Dark Tranquility
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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