David Reece

1. Disaster
2. End Of It All
3. Fortunate Son
4. Someone Beautiful
5. Along For The Ride
6. Coast To Coast
7. All Roads Lead To War
8. Where My Heart Belongs
9. Everything To Everyone
10. Evil Never Dies
11. Treasure Hunter

Vocals: David Reece
Bass: Ronnie Parkes
Guitars: Jack Frost
Guitars: Kelly Peterson
Keys: Paul Morris

Universal Language (2009)

Andy Susemihl & Christian Tolle - guitar

produced by Kelly Peterson
Mixed by Joey Vera and Martin Kronlund
Mastered by Martin Kronlund

Released 2013-10-25
Reviewed 2013-10-07


David is a busy boy releasing albums every other year, at least four since 2009 and now the fifth since that time, the second solo album under his own name. I recall the album last year by Bangalore Choir called Metaphor that was very good in my opinion so I know that this guys can appear in good stuff. But I do not think he is known for his collaboration with Martin Kronlund on the Reece Kronlund album from 2011 or for Bangalore Choir or his solostuff, but rather for appearing on one album by famous band Accept. That is probably why people know his name. But let us now look at this new album, Compromise is it called, it is the second solo album by Reece and he has had some well-known musicians to help him with the instrumental parts and his friend Kronlund has mixed and mastered the album. Mixed with the help of Joey Vera and it was produced by Kelly Peterson. An album that shows a lot of promise by the looks of things, but what about the music.

It is melodic rock, hardrock or something in that fashion whatever you like to use. Catchy melodies and choruses, strong ballads and such things dominate the album. David Reece sings brilliantly, his voice is excellent and he can carry songs very strongly. The production is very good, excellent sound. But it does not show that much variation, neither does it show much in terms of originality during its 43 and a half minute playing time. It shows a tried and tested musical style, nothing fancy or new, a well made album.

A well made and decent album, strong in style, classic in disposition. Still, it lacks originality and it also lacks a bit of punch. There are quite many tracks that feels like fillers and not many that really shines, at the same time the album does not have any major weak points, nothing is bad. That means it is a good album, I like it but mainly as background music and not that much for just listening. Maybe Reece should slow down, maybe one album a year is a bit much, perhaps he should write more and throw away more to find the real gems because those are missing on this album.

The opening track called Disaster is the best of the album and it is a very good track, after that it is downhill, no other track reaches that level and that might be why the album feels very average, because you wait for something to equal that great opener and when nothing does it is a bit of a disappointment. It is a decent album but nothing to really write home about.





Label: AOR Heaven/Germusica
Three similar bands: Reece Kronlund/Bangalore Choir/China
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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