David Park
Until I'm Done

1. Until I'm Done
2. The Ballad of David Brown
3. Regretting Song
4. Private Paradise
5. Hardcore Truckin
6. I don't Believe
7. Countryboy
8. One on One is Three
9. Mandatory Suicide
10. Now I never will Know

David Park – Vocals, banjo, harmonica, electric guitar
Patric Mee – Electric guitar
Ronnie P-Son - Acoustic guitar
Link Angel – Bass
Dave McKenzie – Drums


Lars McKenzie - bass
Mats Billinger - guitar
Peter Fors - upright bass
Martin Boman - sitar

Produced, recorded and mixed by David Park
Recorded at Vision House Studios and Dreddful Music Studios
Mixed and mastered at Dreddful Music Studios
Mixed with Assistance from Ollie Olson
Vocals on track 2,4,5,8 co-produced with Kasper Lundgren
Drums on track 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 recorded with help from Johan Lindkvist
Photo by Olle Lunding
Cover design by Max Wolblewski

Released 2013-11-20
Reviewed 2013-11-26


The man in high hat has a name that cannot be easily placed, he could be british, or canadian but he is swedish and a countryboy at that. Having grown up at a farm outside Leksand in Dalarna which is Sweden’s redneck country and he knows how to drive a tractor. The press info says Swedish Country which sounds like a weird genre to sell, but what is it? Until I’m Done is the name of the debut album from this guy who has had some help from some great musicians to record this album. I think that something featuring a man in high hat cannot really fail, can it?

Well, musically it is quite different, yet familiar. We have some redneck influences, we have some hardrocking stuff, some catchiness, good energy and many strong melodies. It is sort of hardrock/metal meets something from Nashville, Tennessee. Very varied, a bit too varied perhaps at it can be a little touch incoherent or fragmented due to the songs not quite fit together at all times. It is an easy album to take in and like, there are some lack of connection between the songs which some might see as a negative. The production however is excellent and the album is short and to the point, a forty minute playing time is always welcome in a world where long albums is become more and more of a norm. If only most albums were that long instead, it means that you don’t grow bored with it and it is short enough to be played over and over.

This is a very good album, good variation which at times is a bit overdone but it is safe to say that I do not grow bored with the songs on this album. The opener is a lacklustre thing that does not quite show the potential of either David or the album. Then it picks up and the following nine tracks are very solid and they are very good. Best are track four, six and eight which are quite excellent tracks. Especially track eight which may be a bit down on the mathematic side of things but it is excellent. I really have enjoyed both getting to know and listening to this album, I cannot see any major flaw in it. Sure I have singled out some small problems but these are nothing that does much to the whole picture.

An album that should be commended, it dares to be different and that should always be commended. Different and good is even better. An enjoyable album and a recommended one, it has great depth and imagination and I think it will most likely appeal to many fans of good and interesting music. So there you go, one of the most positive surprises of this year and an album that makes me look forward to seeing what David has in store for us further down the line. Until I’m Done is definitely an album to have a closer look at.




Label: Dreddful Music
Three similar bands: Lynyrd Skynyrd/Entombed/Foo Fighters
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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