Crystal Ball

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Helloween/Avantasia/Gotthard
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Zarathustra
2. Break Of Dawn
3. Anyone Can Be A Hero
4. The Brothers Were Wright
5. Eternal Flame
6. Skin To Skin
7. Walls Fall Down
8. Back For Good
9. Power Pack
10. Stranded
11. Sun Came Out
Digipak Bonus Tracks:
12. Touch The Sky
13. Bond Of Love

Steven Mageney - Vocals
Scott Leach - Guitars
Markus Flury - Guitars
Cris Stone - Bass
Marcel Sardella - Drums

1999 In The Beginning
2000 Hard Impact
2002 Virtual Empire
2003 HELLvetia
2005 TimeWalker
2007 Secrets

Knut Spindeldreher - keys
Stefan Kaufmann - guitar

Produced, mixed and mastered by Stefan Kaufmann at ROXX Studio in Solingen, Germany
Cover and artwork design by Thomas Ewerhard

Released 2013-11-29
Reviewed 2013-12-03


Looking in the crystal ball we see the seventh album by the swiss quintet with that clairvoyant name. It is called Dawnbreaker and it has a lovely cover artwork which of course makes one think a bit of sci-fi even though the album in itself is not very much science fiction. They are called gods of melodic metal, gods brought down to earth to unleash this work to their subjects. Gods is a strange thing to say about a band and one sets a very high bar for them to live up to, the cover art sure does but what about the music. Not knowing this band from before, of course I was a bit excited to look closer at them thanks to their name being the same as a wonderful song released by Styx a long time ago. That is one reason to be excited.

Another one is the music being catchy, melodic, some traces of their more well known countrymen of Gotthard are to be found, perhaps this band are a bit inspirational to these guys. But overall it is more melodic metal with focus on strong melodies and with a very good variation from straight rockers to lovely ballads.The production is very good, very strong sound from the production from Accept’s Stefan Kaufmann who also makes a guest appearance on guitars in one of the songs. I think it is quite obvious that this is a band who knows what they are doing, their experience shines through in songs and performance, a great production. Fifty minutes of playing time including the bonus tracks, and in the early goings I thought the album was a bit on the long side but I have put that concern aside and I think the playing time is quite alright.

Not the most innovative or different album I have ever heard but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in quality. I think that this is a very good album, all the songs through the album shows a high quality and none can be said to be weak which is always good. I like this album quite a bit, it is enjoyable all the way through and a pair of the songs are very strong and the intro is a real treat for us enjoying a bit of classical music. Maybe not the best interpretation of that piece but still enjoyable. A recommended album for all of you enjoying catchy and melodic metal.

As I said there only good songs on the album but there is a pair that I see as better than the other songs, one of these is the song called The Brothers Were Wright which is an excellent piece of music about the aviator brother who were right when the rest of the world was wrong. The song following that one called Eternal Flame is the second one that stands out as an impressive piece of music, a calm little ballad. So maybe not the most original piece I have ever heard but if you enjoy metal or hardrock of the more traditional kind then you’ll enjoy this great album, be sure to check it out.



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