1. Commuters Part 1
2. Commuters Part 2
3. Hypnograms
4. Machines of Sleep
5. Plug-in Citizens
6. Submarine Warfare Anthem
7. Minkowski Manhattan Distance
8. Blunderbuss Committee
9. 21 Almonds a Day
10. Flippists / Privateers
11. Earthians

Louis Jucker - Vocals
Luc Hess - Drums, Bass
Jona Nido - Guitars, Bass, Mini-Moog


Keijo Niinima - Vocals, backing vocals
Fabien Bedoy - Guitar
Mathieu Guignard - Guitar
Christoph Noth - Guitar
Mathieu Hinderer - Guitar
Emmanuel Devaud - Bass

Mixed and mastered by Julien Fehlmann

Released 2013-02-25
Reviewed 2013-02-27

pelagic records

Commuters have a look at this album, perfect for the journey to your dull workplaces or where ever you are commuting. The clue is in the title they say, not Coilguns but some do. This is their first album and it has been released to unanimous praise all over the web it seems, I suppose the swiss are happy but in this review the hard test comes as we are not afraid of expressing our opinions without sugar coating it. But is there even any need for sugar coating? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but one thing is that the album was recorded live in studio and everything was done in one take, with guests and everything. The band themselves are a trio and they have used a few guests to create this very first album of them which is a way for them to distance themselves from the email albums that comes today but it is also a way of challenging themselves.

A challenge is what we have here, a challenge for anyone who has heard it to describe it for his or her friends or whoever listens. It is complex with a grande sound and a powerful sound as well, the songs are varied in style and the vocals are mainly very angry. The songs themselves are very layered and each time when you listen to the album you will notice something new and interesting, a new guitar line you didn’t notice before or a drum beat or something like that, it is a very deep album that has a good longevity for the one that is looking for every little dimension in it. The production is really impressive, especially when considering that it was made in just one take. The album is also quite varied in style and disposition, it is a difficult album to describe in words as it rather unique as far as I can tell but don’t take my word for it as I am not an expert on the genre.

I think this is a very good album, the melodies are strong, the songs are quite excellent in many ways and I cannot help being a bit impressed by this trio even though I am not really into the genre even. Sure some reviewers say that it is the most important band/album in the genre and so on, I don’t want to go that far but I like the album, it is good. I think there are four songs that stand out quite well, the opening duo of tracks are strong and interesting to listen to. Then we have the seventh track Minkowski Manhattan Distance that is really good and to the standout tracks we also have to add the ending track which rounds it all off nicely. I wouldn’t say that there are any particular weak points to this album either as the rest of the songs are a good listen as well, in short it is a good album.

If you like the similar bands, then you’ll find this interesting. It is a well made album with good tracks, some highlights and most of all great musicianship. This is clearly a band to be reckoned with and despite the fact that this kind of music isn’t amongst my favourite genres, this album might just hang on to a place amongst the twenty best albums of the year or something like that.

If you are a commuter and if you like bands like Cult of Luna or something similar to them, then you’ll enjoy this album while commuting to wherever you are going. I like this album and I am quite sure that many of you readers will as well, remember the name Coilguns as they have the quality to make something outstanding in the future when they discover the depths of their music even more. Lets just call it recommended, well worth checking out.



Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: The Ocean/Cult of Luna/Unwound
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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