1. Set Me On Fire
2. Wretches
3. Shake My Hand
4. Hang On
5. Carry Me All The Way
6. The Torch
7. Side Story
8. Red Cucumber
9. Soma
10. Hang On, Mr. Porridge
11. Up (From This Dying Sea)

Gustav Påhlsson - Guitar & Vocals
Johan Reiman - Bass & Vocals
Marcus Nilsson - Drums & Vocals



Produced by Dieter Hallén and Bottlecap
Recorded and engineered by Dieter Hallén at La Blaza Studios, Gothenburg
Mastered by Philip Granqvist at Granqvick Studios


Released 2012
Reviewed 2013-01-15

muther music

Juicy in-your-face rock music with a touch of ADHD, that is how the Gothenburg trio are described in their biography. They are also said to be doing it hard and funny and they are apparently chewing stage floors like there’s no tomorrow. It would not be surprising if their is no tomorrow as a diet of stage floors is probably lacking a lot of vital nutrients and vitamins. The trio was formed in 2008 and a lot is mentioned about their energetic live shows and all of that, not as much is mentioned about this album which is their debut album that was released during the fall last year, which is 2012.

Musically they draw inspiration from the seventies with a raw seventies rock feel and a slightly fuzzy sound, rather catchy as well. They also show a lot of energy in their songs and the sound is raw and almost feels as recorded and produced back in the seventies. Not the most lovely of soundscapes I have ever heard but somehow I doubt that such a thing is the point and I think their production is very well suited to their songs. It feels like a solid album all the way through the eleven tracks and 46 minutes of playing time, the tracks also contains some oddities to spice it all up like a spoken word part that is spoken in Swedish and some other stuff that breaks it up a bit. But as I stated already, it feels as a rather mature album with a whole lot of energy and power.

It is a good album, the songs are catchy and entertaining to listen to but sure it is not the most polished and modern of album and it feels somewhat geared towards the ageing seventies romantics who dreams of a time without internet in every home, with a giant wall through Berlin and a cold war between the russians and americans. That was a time before my time and to be honest this is not really my type of music but I still like it even if I could do without the silly spoken word parts and some other little things that doesn’t quite impress but overall it is a really nice album and a good one.

So if you like your rock music a bit more raw and a bit more energetic and catchy you will find this album entertaining and good as well. Maybe it is not for me but for those into the less polished and more emotional theme of the rock’n’roll genre can certainly find this very good, I know I found it quite entertaining.



Label: Muther Music
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Joy Division/Jimi Hendrix
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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