Black Daffodils
Broken Flower

1. Broken Flower
2. The Sighing
3. Silent Raindrops
4. Just a Memory
5. Your Painkiller
6. Bother
7. Noone Knows
8. The One I Was
9. Give My All to You
10. Bloodflower

Markus – Drums, Vocals
Bjorn – Guitar, Vocals
Chris – Keyboards, Vocals
Andrea – Vocals
Micha – Bass




Released 2013-10-18
Reviewed 2013-11-17


A black daffodil cannot be a very healthy flower, still a german quintet figured it would be a good name for a band. A band who’s style would appear to be female fronted symphonic metal/rock judging by the name, the logo and the cover art. Broken flower is the debut album by these guys who are fronted by a girl called Andrea and they have a predominantly white cover artwork which is always nice as it suits our colour scheme very well. On the face of it, it looks like an album that will most likely appeal to fans of the female fronted rock/metal.

And female fronted metal it is, or a bit of rock you might also say. With lovely singing that reminds me a bit of Sharon Den Adel in Within Temptation, it makes the music heavy yet beautiful which of course is a very potent combination. The production is of the highest standard showcasing the band’s strengths and also provides a very modern sound. They sound like this female fronted gothic style as it should sound these days. Not a very unique sound though, they hardly offer anything we haven’t heard countless times before so the creativity can be seen as something of a weakness given that they don’t really show off anything that isn’t provided by the stronger mainstream bands of the genre. A forgiving attribute to this though is the fact that it is the first album by the band which I always think should lower one’s expectations of a unique offering somewhat. Just under fifty minutes of playing time and a decent set of variation in the songs but I should also point out that it is a fairly typical collection of songs for the genre.

It is a really well made album on all accounts, the performances are top notch, the production is high class and the songs are good. I think this is not only an impressive debut but also a strong album compared with anything in the genre. Sure there are better albums but they are not that many, I really enjoy the vocals, the voice is lovely and great. But sure, maybe a weak point is in the lack of originality but as it is so well made and so good that it isn’t as a big a problem as it could have been. Other than that I can’t see anything wrong with this album as there are no weak tracks and it is varied enough not to become boring or repetitive towards the end. A very good album, plain and simple.

A recommended album as well, I think the opening title track is a very good song and maybe one of the best on the album. Best track though is track five Your Painkiller that is a very strong song and one I like a lot but it still may not be that much of a party piece but still a very good song on a very good album. An album I can recommend to anyone into the melodic kind of metal, especially the female fronted kind.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Within Temptation/Nightwish/Edenbridge
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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