Sent to Dominate

1. Endurance
2. Dictate Destruction
3. Zehntausenddreihundertfünfzehn
4. Paveway to the Gods
5. Second Class Human Being
6. Från Helvetet
7. To the Aggressor the Valve
8. Defects

Unas - Vocals, Drums

Five Thousand Years To Hate (2011)

Nikita Kamprad - Guitars, Bass


Released 2012-09-11
Reviewed 2013-01-24

gravity entertainment

A one man band named from a communist killed by nazis in 1943, a band led by a man who calls himself Unas. This is the second album for this Unas under this moniker and both time he has teamed up with the same guy so this duo has done both of this band’s releases as well. This one is being released on september 11th last year which means that it was released for those who are picky about language, maybe it was released at that day to offend. There is however a political message in the lyrics to this album being founded in the political misgivings done in the name of fighting terror, mainly by the idiots from the USA but also by others. The funny thing is that one title is in Swedish but what can we then say about this release?

Well, not that much other than the fact that it is a death metal album. It is said to be aggressive without falling into the most common traps of making such music and it may be true as well as it does not adhere to all the standard rules of the genre. Not that it is overly different either but at least it walks some different paths in bringing out the political agenda. The production is however not really up to snuff and it is a bit weak and the album feels much less heavy than it should have done and the vocals are terrible as well, no power just a fainting or dying crow making his last croaks before fading away. The album is however quite short, but 41 minutes is still quite a while for an album of this kind.

I am not overly impressed, there are some good points here and some parts that I like which are mainly on the instrumental side but as soon as the guy starts singing he ruins everything that is even remotely good. And the album feels cheap, and sometimes even uninspired and even if there are good points most of it feels like made in a basement or something similar. It is not really that impressive if I am honest even if there are some nice stuff on it as well.

This might be something for those of you who like it to feel a bit cheap and amateurish because that is what it is, not even the good stuff can save that feeling. I must admit that I am not that impressed and I cannot really imagine that many of you will be that either.



Label: Gravity Entertainment/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Devildriver/Dead To This World/Molestation
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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