01. Driven
02. Betrayed
03. Trouble
04. Tomorrow
05. Torpedo
06. Crazy Roads
07. Outside
08. Delirious
09. Empty Bottles
10. Wanted

Roger Olsen - vocal
Jan Tore Befring - lead guitar
Steinar Aven - guitar
Roger Pettersen - bass
Trond Vilnes - drums



Mixed by Beau Hill

Released 2013-01-28
Reviewed 2013-03-06

mighty music

Driving in Norway isn’t really the most brilliant thing you can do, their roads are useless and their rules are strange and the penalties for speeding is ridiculous. That does however not stop Aventyr from doing so, and their debut album is called Driven with a title song about driving or something in that fashion. Aventyr or Äventyr as it is called in Swedish means adventure and that might not be the most fitting band name for these guys as their music isn’t particularly adventurous. Their cover artwork isn’t the most attractive or adventurous that I have ever seen either, but what about the music?

Well, it is quite tempo-filled rock/hardrock music with lots of energy made to a traditional format. It is in-your-face music that makes you take notice, well produced and mixed by a well-known person who has several known bands in his CV. The music is quite simple and to the point with distinctive choruses and all of that. Nothing particularly new or adventurous in terms of the musical style and you could have some reservations in regards to that things considering that it is quite a full genre already. The songs are ten if you count them and they play for 32 minutes which means that the album has songs that are all short and to the point all the way through. So, nothing new or innovative but still there are some layering making the album last beyond the first two playthroughs.

And it is a good album as well, the songs are all good from the opening title track to the ending one with the title track and the penultimate one as the highlights of an album where all tracks are of high quality. The only reservation against this I can see is that they do make music that has been done many times before and they risk being drowned amongst the rest of the albums in the genre. But that reservation becomes a lot smaller than it could have been due to the great quality of the album which is well recommended for anyone who likes rock music of a classical type.

The do of course have to evolve for later albums if they want to really be getting anywhere in their musical career but for now we can always enjoy this very good debut album. I think they do really well in all aspects of their game, the singer is great and the performances and production is really high quality as well so it is a really good energetic album that anyone who enjoys good rock music will enjoy. A great debut by what can become a very exciting band.



Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Backyard Babies/H.E.A.T./Helix
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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