Atomic Blast
Noise of Revolution

1. As In The Ocean
2. Revenge Again!
3. Suppressed Anger
4. Silence
5. Noise Of Revolution

Francesco "French" Vogli - Lead Vocals
Daniele "Dani" Lambertini – Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Simone "Simo" Sangiorgi - Lead / Rhythm Guitars / Backing Vocals
Mattia "Met" Emiliani – Bass / Backing Vocals
Tobia "Toba" Caradonna - Drums




Released 2013-03
Reviewed 2013-06-25

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This blast offers us the noise of revolution, swords meeting, armour being pierced and the yelling of the people. Sometimes one can wish that a revolution was upon us even though it would most likely result in many problems before things could start to get better. But it wasn’t to discuss the sound or noise of a revolution this text was founded it was to offer the spiderrockers some r’n’r from nagging me for some feedback. Don’t they understand that I have over six days to play through what lies for review right now if I played each song once? Spiderrockers, it can take time to review an album just so you know. It is a long process with any album and even more difficult when having as many as I have. Anyways, here we have Atomic Blast who’s debut EP has been given full marks by some reviewer and really high ratings by another one, some reviewers said average. I wonder which it is.

It is some kind of groove metal, catchy and powerful with plenty of energy is what is being offered. Groove/thrash metal with no real surprises, I think it sounds much like much else of the genre, they do not take their music new places. The sound/production is very good and on par with most higher quality bands of the genre. Not even close to the best like Gojira though. It is a fairly short EP with five tracks and eighteen minute playing time so it is quite easy to take to should you want that. I think they are fairly close to the bands of the genre in general and nothing quite stands out so if you really like the genre I suppose this is a good addition to your collection.

I have been a bit up and down on this EP and I was for a long time not sure what to say about it. It is quite good but when I think of other bands in the genre they are also quite good and to be honest there isn’t much that tells these apart, this could have just as easily have been another band in the genre. That is the problem with these guys, they do not stand out enough which most likely will lead to them just vanishing amongst the waves of the genre mainstream.

I think this album lacks a bit of attitude, a bit of energy and power which is what you need in this genre. And there is another thing too, the songs end very weirdly in most cases and it feels a bit like they are cut off and the ending is missing. Maybe it is the label trying to make it more difficult to copy, I have no idea if this is the case but it would be strange if those endings were really and conscious choice.

All in all I would say that this is a rather good EP, the songs and melodies work quite fine and it seems to be a debut album which is good in all regards. It lacks the ideas and the skillset to really shine but there are several things on the EP that I really like so I think these guys have a good potential to make something great in the future. This one feels a bit too cautious and too bland to really reach out to me. I like it still and the question now is, when will we have an album that can show more of the band’s potential because it is there.
Looking forward to an album.




Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands: Pantera/Lamb of God/Testament
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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