1. Blood Ceremony
2. Mankind Is A Dying Whore
3. Ghost Of The Wolf
4. kaos.kult.kreation
5. Crush Their Temple
6. Through Nightmares Into Black
7. Beyond Slavery
8. Spirits Bleed
9. Verderber
10. Demand The Dark
11. Praise The Kult


- k - - bass, vocals
- m - - guitar, vocals
- t - - drums

burning souls (2010)
dark and deathless (2011)


mastering by Ola Lindgren

Released 2012-03-13
Reviewed 2013-02-20

blacksmith records

The press information for this album comes with some grand words I would say, and not many of them are true but here’s what it says: “kaos.kult.kreation - not exactly a light fare. You won't get very far, if you'll only give this album a superficial go. Trying to categorize this album and jumping to conclusions of its character are also rather insufficient approaches to this masterpiece. The depth of this 58 minute march to hell is omnipotent and precise: fused with furious possession unloading in tremendous storms of wrath. Each of these gusts resembles the devil's breath unleashing the purgatory of eternal damnation through his nostrils upon thee - forged through hundreds of painful memories, paralyzing visions and countless agonizing, sleepless nights. The whole album is an unholy shrine of death, bane and decay. Nothing for beginners. Who does not approve of this album, does not understand it.”

Not an easy fare they say, they are for their genre what progressive and innovative giants like AC/DC or Status Quo are for their genres. They say you cannot know this album from a superficial go, which is something we never do but I can say that the slowish extreme metal these guys create is easily judged and identified in one go but they got several more from me just to make sure. Nothing changed though. They move somewhere in the borderland of black and death metal and their music is generally quite low in tempo with some doomish additions and some other little more atypical things at a few points but in general it is still a rather typical extreme metal album of the slower kind. I think the production is all fine and good, well produced I think we can say as the sound is a bit less bad than their peers. I have no idea where the storms of wrath and all of that is situated but it is not in the typical death metal growls of the singer, and neither is it in the music that like most of their peers feels quite tame. So, if you are interested I would call this a quite easy fare and that one superficial go will be enough to determine wether you like it or not.

Who does not approve of this album, does not understand it, that says the press info and they may be right as I don’t understand what they are on about. I don’t like this album, and if I don’t understand it then fine but I do understand masterpiece and this certainly is not one of those not even in the wildest and wettest of dreams of a black metal fanatic. To me it is quite boring, I wouldn’t call it bad as it does not make me vomit or cry out in agony but it does not make me happy either. Maybe the point is to make me tired and if that is it then they do succeed very well, but somehow I think they want to be scary and evil and that is something they are not.

If you enjoy a typical extreme metal album with some (ever so minor) atypical touches, then you might find this album interesting. The same goes if you like the three similar bands which in the press information are listed as the bands which fanatics will enjoy this album. I don’t like any of those bands and I don’t like this one either and before you say like the label that I don’t understand it, I can agree to that but I do know the metal and rock genre very well and have heard more than enough to know that there are lots of band sounding exactly like this which sort of makes it difficult to really argue the case for it especially since I don’t even like it particularly much. It may be for the fans but they would be very arrogant to think that it is anything but an average album despite the big claims of their press release.



Label: Blacksmith Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Celtic Frost/Dissection/Asphyx
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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