Amaze Me
Guilty as Sin

01. Everybody
02. Lost In A Dream
03. Can't Stop Loving You
04. Save Me
05. Endless Love
06. With Or Without You
07. The Pain
08. Guilty As Sin
09. On The Run
10. Dying To Be Loved
11. Love Is Blind
12. On Fire

Peter Broman – all instruments
Conny Lind – all vocals

Amaze Me (1995)
Dream On (1997)
Wonderland (1998)


Mastered by Martin Kronlund

Released 2013-05-24
Reviewed 2013-05-21


Wouldn’t it be great if this Swedish duo really could amaze me? However, something tells me that they can’t really do that. The cover artwork feels a bit like a giveaway to this considering that it is not really that impressive looking. They see themselves as guilty as sin, not sin against the AOR genre considering that the album is absolutely typical album of that genre. They are no newcomers even though there was a while since their previous album which was released in 1998, they did release three albums in the nineties. So, has all the time between the albums done the band good? they say they worked without time limits and all of that managing to make the album to their hearts and stuff. That seems good for them, but is it really that impressive?

The simple answer is no. It is typical AOR, nothing new or exciting here. It walks in the footsteps of the old, it is catchy an melodic with keys and catchy choruses. No surprises whatsoever. The singer of the duo is decent but not particularly good when compared to the better in the genre. The production is very average for the genre. Not much in terms of variation over the twelve tracks the album has to show for. And this despite the fact that the album is rather short with its 41 minutes of playing time.

I would say that it is neither great nor bad, it is a rather average album for the AOR genre. Nothing stands out and nothing is there to grab your attention. I would say that the album lacks that distinctive hit song that the best albums in the genre always has. It also lacks the slightest bit of originality, it is just copy-paste AOR inspired and stolen from the masters. I might sound a bit negative but to be honest I think the album is a rather good listen and a fairly enjoyable album overall.

So, let us just say that they will hardly amaze me or anyone else but they still do alright. AOR is a rather great musical genre and this band is an average band in that genre. So, if you really think the world needs more AOR, this is probably something for you.




Label: AOR Heaven/Germusica
Three similar bands: Def Leppard/Toto/Journey
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Review: Daniel Källmalm

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