Access Denied
Touch of Evil

1. Intro
2. Messenger of Death
3. Suicide Mind
4. One Night
5. Secret Place
6. Don’t Tell me
7. My Dreams
8. Violence of Mind
9. Touch of Evil

Agnieszka Sulich – vocals
Jacek “Jaca” Kolankiewicz – guitars
Mateusz “Matołek” Krauze – guitars
Paweł “Wolv” Nejczew – bass
Michał Łysejko – drums

The Memorial (2009)



Released 2012-11-06
Reviewed 2013-01-31

pitch black records

These poles don’t want you to access their stuff which is touched by evil and now being released internationally by what is probably the darkest label in the world. It features a bloody hand and a female vocalist and is the second album by this band who has been around since 2003. Other than that I don’t have very much to say about this album, it is female fronted and the press info is talking about heavy metal and all of that stuff. It was originally released in 2011 but was then eventually released by Pitch Black Records in november so that it was for all the world to see.

And what the world got to see was an intro with some filmic or slightly oriental sounds that made me think of pirates in the Caribbean and stuff like that, heroism in days long since passed on the silver screen. This intro as it is called, does not lead into the second track, it leads nowhere and after that an album of regular heavy metal starts and comes to an end a few tracks later. It is traditional heavy metal riffs and music that has been tried and tested several times before these guys tried and tested it, and the only thing that really differs slightly is the use of a female vocalist even if that is rather commonplace as well nowadays. She is quite good as well the singer, the production is also strong and there is not much to complain about in that kind of department. I would call it a rather typical heavy metal album, nothing surprising at all about it to be honest.

It may not be surprising or particularly creative but it is a rather good album with strong songs, no surprises but for the heavy metal buff I am certain it will be rather appealing. I must however say that hadn’t it been for the quality of the songs this would have been discarded as a plagiarising album that just steals what others have done and put own words on that stuff. Fortunately the songs hold a high standard making them a good listen despite it being rather cliché, but sure if you were looking for creativity I have to say that this album is no good.

in the end though I would say that it depends on your outlook of life and stuff if you enjoy this album, you will most likely enjoy this if creativity and that kind of thing is not the more important thing you want in a new album. I think this despite not being that interesting from a creative point of view, it still is a good listen that I have enjoyed for a while now but it will certainly not be amongst my real favourites when the year ends.



Label: Pitch Black Records
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Helloween
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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