AC Angry
Black Denim

1. Booze Horse
2. Rock ‘n‘ Roller Roller Rolla!
3. It‘s Good To Be Bad
4. You Got The Thirst – I Got The Booze
5. Black Denim
6. Like A Riot
7. Motor
8. Hellrock Anthem
9. Rocker
10. AC Angry

Alan Costa: Vocals & Guitar
Stefan Kuhn: Lead Guitar
Dennis Kirsch: Bass
Sascha Waack: Drums

2011 Radicalizer (as Taletellers)
2008 Detonator (as Taletellers)


Produced by Phil Hillen
Artwork by Jan Meininghaus

Released 2013-11-08
Reviewed 2013-11-12

dust on the track

It seems to be a touch of nostalgia around in the musical world, inspired by the seventies these guys offer us such styled music and look of the artwork. This band was otherwise previously known as Taletellers and they were doing some powerful heavy metal with lots of speed and energy, not very original though but there were some impressive highlights on that album. It was called Radicalizer and was released in 2011, the album I wrote off that is. The band had a short break after the album and when getting back together they went on a rockier path and therefore figured it was wiser to have a name that more reflected that musical style. The quartet figured AC Angry was the right name and Black Denim is the name of the album, it all seems a bit cliché. Then again, rock music is very often built on clichés.

Musically it is quite standardised seventies styled hardrock, you can think of many famous bands that they are similar to. They have no point that really makes them stand out in the crowd of other retro rock bands. They do offer their music with lots of energy, lots of power and a catchy overall feel to it. Quite a happy album I would say. Not so similar to the Radicalizer album that preceded it, that album has more of a rock feel to it and this album does not quite have the same standout tracks as the previous album had. Good production, I really like the sound. It is very strong, very exciting in a not so imaginative way. Stylistically true, the album is short and to the point. Straightforward without any strangenesses, just rock music as it should be.

I am not the biggest fan ever when it comes to retro rock music, meanwhile I cannot fault it much as it is a good album. A moment’s enjoyment, a moment of a look back in time for some but not for me as I wasn’t even born then and I grew up with a different kind of seventies rock music. Not the most unique of an album that I have ever heard, and I have something of an aversion towards music that tries to draw on past glories of a genre they never really was a part of. Still, I like AC Angry and their Black Denim as the album is well made and good but it is not really a memorable album.

I think it is for the fan of this kind of music, if you are one of those then you’ll have a treasure in this album. I on the other hand is a bit more into less straightforward and more melodic kind of music. This is an improvement from what the band has done before under a different alias and it is a decent album but unless you really like seventies music in a modern suit I really doubt you’ll find this album anything but a bit of a musical distraction. I think though that these guys could be an excellent live band, their music surely feels aimed at the stage. Good album, and an enjoyable one.



Label: Dust On The Tracks Records
Three similar bands: Motörhead/Zodiac Mindwarp/Taletellers
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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