A Perfect Day

01. Another Perfect Day
02. Now And Forever
03. Long Road To Ruin
04. Alone And Free (Rockblind)
05. Silent Cry
06. Under The Same Sun
07. Here We Are Again
08. Waiting On The Edge
09. Warm Embrace
10. We Only Say Goodbye

Roberto Tirant -: Vocal – Bass
Andrea Cantarelli - Guitars
Alessandro Bissa - Drums




Released 2012-11-23
Reviewed 2013-01-10


Do an internet search on A Perfect Day and you will find absolutely no hits about this band on the first page, possibly on the second or so but not before that. This makes me wonder why select a name like that, then not opting to have a website or a myspace, or youtube, or reverbnation, why does a band do that? I hate facebook so I never visit that site so the only information was to dig through some reviews far down the search numbers and then the information from Frontiers, that is not much I can tell you. So, a free advice for all aspiring bands, before selecting a name do an internet search on that name and see what shows up, and get yourself a proper website with a yourname.com-adress or something like that, I can assure you it helps the internet searches, reverbnation is also a nice way for musicians to promote themselves, or bandcamp, or soundcloud, or all of those.

The little information I managed to dig up states that this band consists of guys from Labyrinth and Vision Divine who wanted to make something different from their original heavy metal stuff so they did melodic hardrock which there are no other bands doing. Their music is also quite typical of that genre with a sort of late eighties vibe to it but also a touch of more melodic rock. The music is catchy with catchy choruses and all of that and it goes on for around fifty minutes, fifty minutes that feels like déjà vu, kind of like Porsche car styling, music by déjà vu plain and simple. Well made such with good production and sound but as I said, no surprises whatsoever.

No surprises, but is it any good? Well, the first track is wonderful after a silly intro it takes of flying very, very high and you sort of always start this album on a high and ready for a really positive review. Unfortunately it does not go on in the same fashion and the album dies off bit by bit, by bit and in the end you are left feeling robbed of something great. It is like you order a great car like the Opel OPC that I own and then when taking delivery you receive a regular version of the same model that was not tinkered with by the motorsport division so it has less horsepower, worse breaks, worse steering and it is uglier as well. That is exactly how A Perfect Day would have felt if I bought it based on a sample that was the opening track, it isn’t what it would appear to be, it is worse. That however, does not mean that it is bad because it isn’t.

This is an okay album but unfortunately it is too much déjà vu over it and you cannot help but feeling that this has been done better before, it is like a poorer copy with one great feature you could say. And this does not help that I despite having really listened to this album for twelve times and played it a few times more than that, cannot remember any song bar the great opener. Not a sign of a great album but a good one nevertheless.



Label: Frontiers Records
Three similar bands: Labyrinth/Vision Divine/Alter Bridge
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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