A Hero for the World
On Fire EP

1. Save the World From Fire
2. The Chase
3. Die (if you stand in my way)
4. Mahal Kita
5. The Memory Will Remain
6. Eternal Shadows (live in the Philippines – acoustic version)
7. End of Time (instrumental version)
8. We are Forever (edit version)
9. Free Forever (acoustic version)
10. A Hero for the World Main Theme
11. A Quest for the Brave (instrumental)
12. One Hope of Light (edit version)
13. Save the World From Fire (extended version)
14. Die (if you stand in my way – instrumental version)
15. Mahal Kita (radio edit)

Jacob Kaasgaard – lead & backing vocals, grand piano, keyboards, composer & arrangements
David Sivelind – electric/acoustic/bass guitars
Andy Gentile – drums
Louiebeth Aratan – female vocals

A Hero For the World (2013)


Produced & Mixed by Jacob Kaasgaard & David Sivelind
Album recorded at Paradise Power Studios, Philippines
Drums recorded in Los Angeles, California
Music & Lyrics by Jacob Kaasgaard

Released 2013-10-08
Reviewed 2013-10-23




Not very heroic is this band according to Caj’s review of their debut album that was released earlier this year. It received a low rating and now they are back with an EP, or so they say. Generally EPs don’t play for well over an hour, they are an extended single release or at least they were back in the day. It contains man songs from the album and many double versions of the same songs so most titles are repeated. Some instrumental and live songs are there, it is a mix of different kinds of songs. It is the same band as on the album with Kaasgaard as the main writer and all of that stuff. So nothing has really changed from the debut, it is the same people and many times even the same songs.

It is called Heroic Rock, silly genre that really means completely standard power metal. There is nothing unique whatsoever about this release, the typical melodic riffs, the high pitched vocals and catchy choruses are all there. Kaasgaard has a decent voice but it is also fairly typical and I would deduce that if you are looking for something more unique you might just as well look elsewhere. But the production is quite good, good sound that they do not have to be ashamed of, even the live tracks sounds good.

Decent sound and a decent opening track is what this extremely long EP offers, it also offers many tracks other than the opening but none that really impress. In fact most of this EP is terribly drab, terribly dull. I have to agree with what Caj said about this band, they are not particularly good. I have heard better I guess one can say as well. I think that the EP is not good, it is actually quite bad and most of all it is pointless. My biggest objection towards this EP is how it just sounds tired, it is filled with duplicates and songs already released before. Only two songs are new and both of them appear in two different versions on the EP, this is not really what I find interesting and I would more like to see what a new album could have offered. I mean they have a decent template in the first song and the second new song Die is actually not that bad either so building from these with a few more songs they could have a good album but I don’t think they should rush it but rather try to do it right as they haven’t done yet.

Meh, is a good thing to say about this. A drab and tired release without any real energy or nerve, a good one to overlook with good conscience.



Label: Jacob K Music
Three similar bands: Cryonic Temple/Metalium/Insania [Stockholm]
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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